Pleasing oneself is a kind of advanced ability

2021-06-10 03:12:17  作者:Life journey

The best way to live , It's Yueji .

On one side of the fast word is the heart , On the one side is a , It's like a heart with a gap , Keep looking for breakthroughs .

However, when the speed exceeds a limit , It's going to be scary , Flustered , in a rush , Busy... Busy , It's not a pleasant experience .

Liang Wendao is in 《 self 》 In the said :“ I want to please myself , You have to find out first ‘ who ’ It's you .”

Not fast , Not to achieve something , It's about giving us time to enjoy life .

《 Border town 》 There's a song that goes like this :“ Take your time , Drink slowly , The moon is white and the wind is clear .”

slow , It's our attitude towards life .

self , It's what we give meaning to life . hobby , It's the joy of life .

33 At the age of , Haruki Murakami decided to become a professional writer .

I started to sit in front of the computer for hours , Knock down one word after another , However, it is impossible to do mental work for a long time , Because a high degree of concentration will quickly consume a person's spirit and physical strength .

people , It can't be output all the time , And slowly relax .

Otherwise, as Wang Zengqi said :“ So it's a writing machine .”

Always Chahu chahu , Find something to do for fun , We can find some hobbies .

So Haruki Murakami picked up the shoes , Tired , No inspiration , Just run .

Run, run, run “ The thoughts in my mind are like the clouds in the sky , Floating in , Go away .”

The weariness of writing , Go with the wind .

The movie 《 The fruit of life 》 There is a saying in it “ diligently , Stable growth ”, Steady nourishment , Let the pursuers of high quality of life have different happiness .

Even if life is trapped in a fast system , Carried by anxiety , Slow life , We are trying to . Maybe at first it was like drawing water from a bamboo basket , For a moment, it seemed that there was nothing , But the bamboo basket is cleaner , The slow development will become the slow life in the past .

The truth is the same as food , Cycle nourishes , In no hurry , Although the change is small , It's definitely happiness .

Have a slow attitude , There's a sense of slowness , There will be a slow life .

The years are changing , Slow down at the right time , Nourish yourself , Don't consume .

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