Thinking structure determines how far a person can see

2021-06-10 02:03:55  作者:Life journey

Thinking structures can sometimes help you find answers quickly , Sometimes it can imprison a person's thinking and thinking .

A person has been in a certain position for three years, five years and ten years , I know everything very well , You can do it .

It's just , With things 、 Changes in the external environment , The angle and perspective from which we look at that issue at the moment , Not necessarily objective 、 Clear 、 comprehensive . And what structural thinking solves is : When faced with complex problems , How to see it clearly from the perspective of structure 、 Look at the whole , thus Apply our thinking effectively , expression 、 solve the problem , Even business innovation .

The answer is what doesn't matter , What's important is the change in the way of thinking .

1. Structural dismantling , Simplify the problem : Have a problem , Look for the structure first .

2. By looking at the structure , Judge whether the information is true or false How to make your thinking more and more structured ?

Three important things to say .

Pick one thing every day , According to the principle of argument analogy , Three reasons to think about this 、 Three facts and a conclusion .

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