30 years old, still confused

2021-06-10 02:03:50  作者:Life journey

I this year 30 I'm still confused when I'm 12 years old , My present job is totally unskilled for me , It's a waste of time and youth . But this job belongs to the system , Relatively stable, relatively low pressure . And I have 30 Year old , It's time to start a family , If you're still struggling to find a new job , Then it will take at least a year or two to stabilize .

I graduated from computer science , I worked in a foreign company before , Because I can't afford a house 20 I went back to work in my hometown . What I'm doing here is basically taking a picture 、 Adjust the word Format 、 Connect computers 、 Pinch a cable and so on . Some comrades even have a black screen because they don't plug in some points , It's all up to me . Former flask、Python、 front end 、 database 、nginx Wait, there's no more use , What's more, people won't understand it .

So what I'm facing now is also very realistic , To stay means to waste all one's abilities , But we can get married and have a family in the near future . If go out to test a civil servant or do something that can use your ability , It's not going to be as muddled as it is now , But it's going to take a few years to get married ? I've been confused at the moment , What should we do ?

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