Feeling of green plum season

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The picture is from : Shoot by yourself

Until last time I drank my little friend's green plum wine , I found myself , I forgot to make green plum wine this year ;

Qingming Festival , No more youth league , Instead, I went to buy delicious wanghong Youth League ;

The Dragon Boat Festival should be coming soon , There seems to be no desire to make zongzi ······

I haven't done these lovely things for a long time . When it's done , It's blood boiling , Now I still like , But the action didn't keep up , I'm sorry .

The picture is from : Shoot by yourself

Always think , A man grew up in an agricultural area , Or have a deep experience of farming culture , It's a very lucky thing :

The steadfast

Initiative and self-discipline

Deep interaction between man and nature

Patience nurtures and waits

Be in awe

Cherish the fruits of labor , Whether it's your own or someone else's .

It's the feeling of real life .

Now everything is convenient 、 Easy to access , It makes a lot of people lose their awe , Lost a lot of treasure and solemnity , I'm sorry .

Maybe there's nothing to regret , Just being coerced by time .

Time may want to say : The pot , I don't recite .

And I have nothing to say , It's like before the maple goes from red to yellow , A tree spirit ;

After the change , It's gorgeous ;

Lost some , Got some other ;

Maybe those who love it are sorry , It no longer has a tree elf ;

But it's still it , No longer appreciated by some people , It's also appreciated by another group of people .

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