After 30 years old, I finally understand why people are poor and how they will change the status quo

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There is a famous Matthew effect in economics , It points out that in the world 80% Our wealth and power are in the hands of 20% In the hands of , also , This imbalance in the distribution of wealth will grow over time , This is also the cause of " The polarization between the rich and the poor " The root cause of more and more serious .

Now the “ This principle ” It's even defined as “2% It's in the hands of people 98% The wealth of !” Although this figure is a bit exaggerated , But it also shows that the gap between the rich and the poor is gradually widening . that , Why are the poor getting poorer ? What is the reason that makes it difficult for the poor to turn over ?

1. Embarrassing start-up capital and trial and error costs

Wang Jianlin said in an interview that “ To Wang Sicong 5 $ , Allow him to fail twice , If it doesn't work, come back and inherit the family .” I have to say that the start-up funds of the rich are really high , And trial and error costs are low . They can invest in a lot of goods , Failure doesn't hurt them , And as long as one investment succeeds , They can even easily earn back the start-up money , Save your own trial and error costs .

And the poor , They're actually very hardworking , Also very hard, but life is still unsatisfactory . They're not, as many rich people say , No investment vision , for example Almost every poor person knows that investing in real estate will appreciate , So why are so few poor people investing ? The reason is simple —— No start-up funds ! This is very critical , Money makes money easy , And it's very hard to get from nothing to money .

Besides, the poor are not like the rich , God won't let them fail twice and have a chance to inherit the family . Their chances of trial and error are usually only once , Any mistake can make them die 、 dissipate one's fortune . That's why they're so cautious, and they're afraid to do anything , So much is wasted in the eyes of the rich “ Opportunity to get rich ”!

2. The deficiency of innate environment

Since ancient times, the influence of environment on people is immeasurable , Xunzi once said “ the fleabane growing in the field of hemp becomes straight itself without support , Straight without holding ; White sand in Nirvana , It's black .” And the story of Mencius' mother moving three times shows that environment plays an important role in human development .

The rich basically pay more attention to education , They do everything they can to get their kids to the best schools , Will let the child sign up for various art classes , At the same time, encourage children to participate in various social and cultural practice activities , Exercise children's self-confidence and brave attitude towards life and the ability to solve problems independently . They have laid a solid foundation for their future development .

And many parents of poor children , They tend to be less educated , Their cognitive concepts are often limited to the small circle they live in . It's hard for them to coach their children's studies 、 You can't talk about the future with your children 、 Can not provide reasonable advice for the employment of children , Even many poor parents think that education is just a piece of paper .

In addition, the feelings of inferiority and sensitivity of poor parents will be passed on to the next generation , When they go into society , They tend to be timid and afraid to express themselves , Dare not fight for their own opportunities . Opportunities are available but not available , Once missed, it's hard to come back , In this way, it will be very difficult to show your talents , In the end, I can only be mediocre and depressed .

3. It's exhausting to live

There was a variety show in Hong Kong a few years ago 《 Fight between the rich and the poor 》, The program focuses on the gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong , The rich people participating in the program experienced the bitterness and helplessness in the slums in five days . The rich people who took part in the show all vowed at the beginning , I think I can get rid of poverty by my own efforts and ability .

However, as they live in a very harsh environment , More than ten hours of cleaning work every day , Back pain , In exchange for a meager salary . In the end, he didn't finish the five-day challenge , Just two days is too much for them . In the end, these rich people who were full of fighting spirit left a sigh : If you work hard, you may not be able to get rid of poverty !

A lot of poor people are not lack of fighting spirit as the rich think 、 Give up all confidence in oneself 、 Laziness leads to sex . They are often very hardworking and hardworking , And they're still poor because everyday life has exhausted them , There's no more time and ideas to improve your ability , And the more you can't improve yourself, the more you learn to fall into the abyss of poverty , This leads to a vicious cycle of death .

The causes of poverty are indeed extremely complex , Including the social environment 、 Family reasons, self reasons and so on , How can the poor break through the bottleneck of reality and become themselves ? Today, it's useless to start from reality , I think these three points are the best way for the poor to change the status quo :

1. Keep a positive attitude

Maybe some people will say that there is a dime relationship between a positive and optimistic attitude and poverty ? Actually, I think it has a lot to do with it ! First of all, in medicine, we have come to the conclusion that , Mentality has a great influence on one's health , A positive attitude can promote good health , And negative attitude will make people's immunity decline , So the risk of getting sick is far greater than that of people with a positive attitude .

In addition to the state of mind has an impact on physical health , And to people's daily life 、 Relationships have a big impact . A positive and optimistic attitude towards life will bring you harmonious interpersonal relationship , So that you can do things in a good mood, will not be affected by emotions . The negative attitude will make it difficult to see the form accurately , Will let oneself miss many should belong to own benefit , Keep yourself in a long period of pessimism and disappointment, unable to change .

No matter where we are , First of all, we must have a positive and optimistic attitude , Only in this way can we calm down and think slowly , To find out the crux of the problem , Finally find a solution to the problem . As the saying goes ” Sorrow is greater than death , There is no greater sorrow than ignorance ”, Poverty is not to be photographed , What can be photographed is that your heart is dead , So to change the status quo of poverty , Keep a positive attitude from now on ! It's really important !

2. Make the most of we media

Technology is changing with each passing day , We are in an unprecedented era , Mobile phones need to be updated in almost a month , All kinds of entertainment applications are emerging one after another . Now with a mobile phone, you can know the world , It can basically meet our needs 80% Our daily life , That's why otaku 、 An important reason why more and more people are lying flat .

At the same time, a new industry began to appear in people's vision —— We-Media , Like today's headlines 、 Bili, Bili 、 Tiktok 、 The little red book 、 The official account and so on . These we media platforms allow people to create their own works just at home , At the same time, the threshold is very low , There's basically no need to invest any money , We will not cause irreparable situation because of business failure .

It's very important to choose a suitable we media platform to operate , For example, you can dance , You can upload your own work to tiktok 、 Bili Bili, etc. to earn traffic fees , With more fans, it can be broadcast live ; If you're good at writing , You can make headlines today 、 Baijia, etc , Good results may even appear 10 ten thousand + Explosion text ; If you don't like anything, you like to play games , Then you can write some game Introduction , Details of the game each piece of equipment use skills and so on ......

We media provides an excellent stage for ordinary people , So that everyone can show their talents , Or share every bit of your life . Although some we media have some unreasonable mechanisms , For example, spend money to buy recommended quantity and so on , But if you have talent, the chances of success are still very high , So please seize this opportunity .

3. Learning has always been important

I still remember clearly when I was in junior high school , At that time, there was no money at home to make up lessons , My parents' limited educational level can't guide me to study , When there is no problem, you can only study it by yourself , And a lot of knowledge is difficult to fully understand without guidance . Although I am diligent and studious , But I have to say that there is no guidance 、 The closed door environment has really had a bad effect on me .

Now the way people acquire knowledge has become extremely convenient , We can learn almost anything we need , For example, mathematics 、 literature 、 music 、 dance 、 Programming 、 Video production and so on . All the learning content can be found in the corresponding tutorial on the website , If there's a problem you can't know 、 Wukong Q & A 、 Baidu knows to ask questions , Will receive answers from enthusiastic netizens .

It can be said that the cost of obtaining free learning knowledge is extremely low at present , It is incomparable in any era ! We must cherish the present learning opportunities , Put down games and mindless dramas , Learn more about what you need , Constantly improve your knowledge reserve . Let yourself have a broader vision and keen insight , In this way, we can increase our ability to find and seize opportunities !

4. Conclusion

Many poor people are not willing to degenerate and do not seek progress , Volunteer to be a recliner , But under the blow of reality, we have to become a group with low desire , I have to be content with the status quo . But we can change , Make full use of the resources and contacts around you , Don't miss any chance to improve yourself , Go out on your own road to success .

American President Eisenhower once said “ The meaning of life is not to take a good hand , It's about playing a bad hand !” What's innate is something we can't decide , But the effort the day after tomorrow is something we can control . We don't have to be the luckiest of ourselves , But we can do our best !

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