"Think too much, do too little", how to do?

2021-06-10 01:00:34  作者:Photography

Think too much, , Too little

Do you find yourself sometimes “ Think too much, , Too little ”? Then you may need to improve your execution .

What is the real executive power ?

Strong executive power is generally manifested in the pursuit of faster speed 、 Better results and greater impact .

Think too much, , Too little. The first element of execution is “ fast ”

As the saying goes, speed is of great importance , After getting the mission , Ask immediately if you have any doubts , If you have difficulties, find a solution immediately .

The second element of execution is “ good ”

To be exact, it's better than better , The pursuit of excellence . On the premise of fast , Try to be the best . In terms of time and quality , Both hands , In case of time emergency , Can also be busy without chaos , Be thoughtful , It's in order .

Think too much, , Too little is the third element of execution “ drive ”

Make yourself a team driver , Drive others to achieve common goals together , So it can affect more people , Make a bigger impact . This is the ultimate embodiment of strong execution .

“ Do things quickly by yourself , It's called execution at best , More than one million people are moving forward and backward together , That's execution .”

May you really look up at the starry sky , Feet on the ground , Fast forward , Step by step, he has grown into a driver with strong executive power !

Think too much, , Too little

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