2021-06-10 01:00:15  作者:Photography


Once upon a time in the mountains

There's a little goat

It's sharp

The wool is fine white

Smart hooves

alive and kicking

Baa Baa

Run to the stream

Drink some water

Climb to the hillside

Eat grass

Go to the top of the mountain

Flower vine

Get some sun

Run into the flowers

Get the hell out of here

Into the woods

Looking for berries

Close to the snake's nest

Scream with fright

Start a flock of birds

Flapping wings

Two or three feathers

Drop a sheep's hoof

day and night

Flower marriage

Running on and on

The footprints are deep in

air plant

Sprout and grow leaves

It looks like a sheep's hoof

Flowers bloom in May

The flowers are fragrant

Shade and shade

What's the name

Sheep hoof beetle also

Pure and fresh