Yangpu, Chengyi is released for you! Five cities with beautiful names

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Cities with beautiful names in China , I want to go when I see the name .

People always pay attention to the first impression of people or things , First impression is not bad, then continue to contact , If you have a bad first impression, you won't touch it again . There are many beautiful cities in China , It sounds like you can feel the beauty of this city , I want to be there . They are distributed in different geographical locations , There are famous big cities , There are also relatively small areas .

So what are the beautiful cities in China ?


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Chang'an is the ancient name of Xi'an , Because the director of the district is in peace , So it's called Chang'an city , Take meaning “ lasting political stability ”, There's also a beautiful moral , I hope the country at that time 、 Long term social stability 、 taiping . It is the first building in history to be called “ Beijing ” The capital of China , It took the longest time to build the capital , The most influential capital , It ranks first among the four ancient capitals of China , It is the birthplace of Chinese civilization , The cradle of the Chinese nation , An outstanding representative of Chinese culture . It is the city with the longest history and culture in China , Nature also contains many places of interest , For example, the well-known terracotta warriors and horses , the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang , Various sites, etc . It's very cultural , So you can feel the changes of Chinese history and culture when you visit this city .


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Wuzhen is located in Zhejiang city , It's an old-fashioned idea to hear this name , There is a feeling of the rain in the eyes of Chinese poetry , It's a dream town .:“ Everyone says Jiangnan is good , Tourists are only old in Jiangnan ”, south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River , The pace of life in Wuzhen is very slow , Tired of the fast pace of life in the city , You can come here and experience the slow pace of life in the ancient city .

Ink to take off

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-05-22

Motuo County is before the Yarlung Zangbo River enters the Assam plain of India , The last county that flows through China is in Southeast Tibet . The meaning of Motuo in Tibetan , meaning “ Flower ”, There is... In history “ Boyu baimagang ” Known as the , The Tibetan language meaning “ Hidden lotus ”. This place is just like its name , A place as beautiful as flowers , Hidden around the Chinese border , Few people know . The altitude of Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the lowest , The gentlest , It rains the most , The best place for ecological preservation .


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Located on the coast of the Yellow Sea , The southeast flank of Shandong Peninsula . Seeing the name of this city is like being by the sea , Bathing in the sun , I feel warm and blue 、 The blue sky 、 Golden Sands Beach . The environment is beautiful , be situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream , The mountains and rivers are shared , There is no severe cold in winter , There is no scorching heat , There's plenty of sunshine , On Pingsha .


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Haiding is Bonin , The waves are not good , Quiet and serene . Ningbo has rich cultural heritage , Long history and culture , It is a typical water town and seaport city in the south of the Yangtze River , It's the south end of China Universiade 、“ The maritime Silk Road ” Eastern departure port , Among them, Ningbo port, the most representative port in Ningbo, is an authoritative magazine in the international port and shipping industry —— The British 《 Container international 》 named “ Five best ports in the world ”.

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