Get together [9]

2021-06-09 20:31:22  作者:Life journey

writing , For all of us , It's hard to say , It's hard to reach the sky ; Shuo Yi , Just describe it truthfully . Many friends said , Writing is not easy to , It's not easy to live in Japan , I admire you very much . My friend is really telling the truth , see , I can't write it today , You can only take “7 Write an article every day ” Comment on the article of , Here's a piece of cake .

1.【 Something of value , There is always value 】 good thing , It will always have its own value , Make friends with time , Long time and new .《 science : Endless frontier 》 Introduction to , Let me summarize three points : First of all , One thing has value , We have to serve all humanity ; second , Look at the problem from a global perspective ; Third , A thing has value in itself , It may not have been possible to see , Make friends with time , It will be renewed over time .

2.【 empathy 】 Dali in yunnan province , My poetry and the distance . A place , Because of the scenery you meet in your dream ; A movie , Because of empathy with it , And I love this movie , I like the hero in the play . In fact, the characters in the play , It's our future self .

3.【 happy 】 success , It's not for the prepared , It's for those who have the courage to act quickly . Everyone has their own way to find happiness , In the long life , Find your own way , Find your own happiness , That's what matters .

4.【 Self and love 】 Introspection of oneself , There's a problem , Look for reasons from yourself , By solving problems in this way , You've defeated most people . For family relationships , There is nothing wrong with rational treatment , But more important , Maybe it's the lack of love . Love more , Add more of these irrational factors to the family , Gradually it will get better and better .

The story you've been through , It's all the past , But it will always leave footprints in your life . Make friends with time , When I look back , Find that everything is the best arrangement . Time filters out unnecessary things , Leave the most precious part of your life , When you see what I wrote 《 Get together 》 The article , Don't be surprised , It must have been my brain drain , Need to charge , I need to read .

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