There is such a good place around Shijiazhuang -- Jingniang lake

2021-06-09 19:57:09  作者:Photography

In order to connect feelings 、 Enhance friendship , The team decided to organize everyone to go to Jingniang lake .

What about Jingniang lake ? People are curious , Some people have been there and said it's good . I'm geographically blind , You can only turn to Du Niang . hear , Jingniang lake is located in Wu'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province , It's only a short distance from Shijiazhuang 50 Many kilometers , There are mountains and water , And the story of the ancient emperor Zhao Kuangyin . I took great pains to report to the team leader for organizing activities .

Sunday morning 5:30 aggregate ,6 I got on the bus on time , set out ……

Along the way , The teammates in the car were laughing and laughing , singing 、 joke , As one falls . More than three hours to the destination parking lot . Look around , Not high mountains are shrouded in clouds 、 a wild profusion of vegetation , It's beautiful !

Jingniang Lake parking lot

a wild profusion of vegetation 、 mist

Ferry car

We took the ferry to the lake . Why , There is a green water in Jiuzhaigou .

Zhao Kuangyin sent the statue of Jingniang to each other

I got on the boat at the ferry , The green lake is rippling , The mountains on both sides are like axes , I can't help but sigh about the wonderful work of nature ! Ah ah , Wuyishan ? Of course , The two landforms are different , I'm just talking about mountains and waters .

On shore , Take the elevator to the hillside , Through the glass plank road , Along the winding mountain road . There are mountains and rocks , The current is turbulent , Waterfalls flow down , There is a feeling of Jiuzhaigou !

Winding along the way , To the widest waterfall ( friends , Don't blame me for playing , I didn't remember its name ), It's spectacular !

Everyone rushed to take pictures as a souvenir . I took another break , Down another mountain road . I kept taking pictures along the way , Always left behind by teammates . In view of the length of the article , I will not give you one by one .

I'm really a bit lost in it 、 Not enough , But time is limited , Can only be reluctant to get on the car . Jingniang Lake , I'll come back !

On the way home, I was thinking , So close to home , There is such a fairyland on earth , I haven't been to , I haven't even heard of ( friends , Please forgive my ignorance 、 Lack of knowledge , To laugh )!

Here it is , Thank you for taking me to such a beautiful place !

Last , Remind friends , If you live around , Take time to play , It's definitely worth the trip .