If it's not full, it's just right

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2021 year 5 month 21 Japan Friday Fine

Time flies , The solar terms change , In a moment , Spring is gone , Summer is already here , In a moment , The beginning of summer goes away quietly , Xiaoman is coming . At this time , The wheat in the north is maturing , But not yet , The Tian family is busy with farming , Village plum yellow , It's early summer .

At the beginning of summer, the sun is still astringent , Today, however, it is blatant , In the afternoon of Xiaoman season, I came to Zizhuyuan , The sun is pouring down , Add a touch of bright color to everything , The green plants and the lake are shining , The leaves are illuminated by the sun , It's dazzling , The breeze blows across the lake , The microwave is rippling 、 glittering , The sun sprinkled countless little stars in the water .

This piece of green willow 、 Wutong and so on, let the purple bamboo courtyard dye a few poetic descriptions , There are green Parthenocissus on the wall, with a bit of Zen tranquility , Let me follow Xiaoman's rhythm , With Xiaoman's skirt , Go along the lake and feel the beauty of this summer . It's just the right time , With summer passion , There's another cool breeze , Very comfortable . Look at the birds and the green willows , Mandarin ducks play in the water , I hope it's sunny tomorrow , Wild ducks soar into the sky , See the lotus leaf floating on the water , Fish play among lotus leaves , Listen to Qingquan stone , The bamboo dew makes a clear sound .

I'm in the purple bamboo yard , From fruity autumn to snowy winter , And then to the colorful spring , Now it's summer full of life , We have a panoramic view of the four seasons here , Every season has its beauty , But what I love most is its summer . In the past year , I'm right next to Zizhuyuan , I've used it as my back garden for a long time , I often come here for a walk . ad locum , Although the outside world is noisy , But it doesn't go into my heart , I can travel all over the world here , Project the most beautiful scenery in the world to every plant here 、 A flower and a bird , This is the epitome of the world .

In this season of Xiaoman , I came to Zizhuyuan to experience the dazzling world in summer . There are still many people in the yard , The melodious sound of flute is floating in the air , There are many people drinking tea in the teahouse , Playing chess at the table , And lonely I walk in the crowd, seems to feel a trace of lively and temperature .

I walked quietly by the lake alone , Think of the naming of 24 solar terms , Suddenly found a unique phenomenon , If there is a little heat, there will be a big one , If there is light snow, there will be heavy snow , If there is little cold, there will be great cold , There is only a little fullness but no big fullness . I can't help but sigh about the wisdom of the ancients , It seems that Xiaoman is definitely a solar term full of philosophy . Little man , Full without loss , Full but not full , Full but not overflowing .

The word Xiaoman , Although it is a solar term , But it's a metaphor for life , It's also very clever . Life is full , sufficient . As the saying goes : when the moon is at its full , it begins to wane , When the water is full, it overflows , When flowers are full, they wither , Too perfect is not a good thing , Too much 、 Too much of a good thing . Life is flawed , Why worry too much ? Too much pursuit of perfect life is not perfect .

Xiaoman is a state of life , No matter it's material or spiritual, we don't ask too much , Small and rich , To fulfill a little wish , It's enough to satisfy a little happiness , Just give a little sunshine and it will be brilliant , It's romantic to give a little moonlight . There are thousands of houses at home , It takes three feet to sleep , People don't need too many things , There's too much stuff 、 It's too complicated , It's actually a burden , Carrying too many useless things forward , The more difficult the road of life is . As long as the years are quiet , Keep warm , That's enough .

I'm leaving Beijing in more than a month , In these days , I will spend the most important moment of her life with my daughter . I thought life was too tense 、 Loneliness and depression , however , Can accompany the child to walk through this difficult time together , Growing up with kids , Feel the happiness in the process of struggle together , Weather together , Enjoy the joy of a little progress , What is not satisfied with this ? As a mother , This is actually the most satisfying time in life , Because when children need you most , You're not absent .

grain full , It's the best season of the year , It's not too hot , The weather is just right ; grain full , It's also the best state of life , A little satisfied with the present state , Keep yourself in a good mood 、 quiet 、 In a happy mood . grain full , It's contentment , It's easy to satisfy ; grain full , It's indifference and humility , It's about keeping a low profile ; grain full , It's a big success , Only when there are shortcomings can there be progress .

Life doesn't have to be too full , Xiaoman is perfection . We are in our daily life , Always be modest and studious , Keep a low profile , That way it won't be “ Wood show the woods , The wind will destroy it ”. No matter what others think , No matter what others think of , Just do your own thing , Be the best of yourself . It's like a rich ear of wheat , Always lowering the golden head , Know how to be reserved , Inside collect , humility , Because it understands , And then it's mature .

I have seen many elites in the industry in Beijing for more than a year , Top experts , Almost all of them are very modest and gentle , When I came into contact with them, I found that there was a kind of “ Like the spring breeze ” The feeling of . The more successful people are, the more low-key they are , And also very diligent and studious , I'm basically learning professional knowledge after work 、 Look up the literature , They only ask about cultivation , Don't ask for the harvest , Enjoy the climb to the top of Science , Don't care about the end result .

A person has this indifferent attitude towards fame and wealth , It's easy to find the optimistic side in the face of life , What he saw was the beauty of life , He was no longer interested in the castles in the air that were beyond his reach , So it's very easy to satisfy . In this complicated world , Stop fighting for fame and fortune , But to build a peaceful countryside in my heart .

Just like Tao Yuanming, picking chrysanthemums leisurely under the East fence , Be content with the quiet life of a paradise . This made him forget the ugliness in officialdom and the frustrations in his official career , I found a pure land for myself , Let the flower of life bloom freely .

Take advantage of this, early summer 、 Xiaoman season , Steal half a day of your life . Listen to a song , Write a paragraph , Read a poem , Take a walk ; Only when you are quiet can you cultivate yourself , Only when you are alone can you look at yourself , Let go of the imperfections 、 A flawed self , It's about constantly finding the light in yourself , To achieve a little satisfaction , Strive for the best state of life .

Xiaoman is a prelude to harvest , It's the immediate hope , After Xiaoman, many crops gradually mature , Farmers will have the joy of a good harvest . But the more in this sprint , There will be many difficulties and dangers , The more you come across a lot of unimaginable problems . The more at this critical time , The more we need to develop a strong heart , Constantly motivate yourself , Pack up , Rich heart , Calm calm , Be determined to move forward , Don't be frightened by the present difficulties , You know, the harvest is just ahead of us !

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