Strange city

2021-06-09 19:02:30  作者:Life journey

Strange city

Which lamp belongs to me

Strange city

Who would like to stay for me

Strange city

Why strange

There is no lamp left for me

No one will wait for me

Walking on the neon Street

people are hurrying to and fro

No one stopped for me

Crossroads at traffic lights

I don't know whether to go left or right

As if every road does not belong to itself

In this lifetime

Only once

Standing in front of the window

I don't know what I'm living for

But it's hard to live

This night

Walking in the stream of people with cool wind

Thoughts are flying all over the sky


Even if no one stops for me

I have people who need me to stop and guard

Life doesn't just belong to me

Life belongs to those who have given me warmth

Now still warm my people

Even if the world is full of scars

With you by my side


Even if you struggle all your life

Just a chance to sit down and have coffee

I have no regrets

Even if

I'll be down and out in my life , lonely and helpless

I still don't want to

Compromise with you

I am me

A man who should have character

I am me

A man like Xiaoqiang

I am me

I'm still me

I am in a strange city

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