Fireworks in Yangzhou in March (Continued)

2021-06-09 18:11:19  作者:Photography

Twenty four bridges

The most famous scenic spot in Yangzhou must have “ The prosperity of gardens , A is in the world ” The reputation of the thin West Lake . It has 24 scenes , The name of the West Lake is borrowed from Hangzhou , But I added a “ Thin ” word , It has become the characteristic of Yangzhou . The West Lake is thin , It has the exquisite taste of Chi Shui , Although in the north of the Yangtze River, I have the feeling of a small family in the south of the Yangtze River . It twists and turns , Slender and elegant , Like a delicate girl , In this way , Landscape becomes a beautiful family , Yangzhou city is also poetic .

The Slender West Lake dike is more than 600 meters long , Three steps and one peach , Five steps and one willow ; Pavilions, terraces and open halls , Langfang Pavilion ; Long bridge lies in waves , Chui Liu dike ; Lakes and mountains , Beautiful scenery . Yangchun in March, , White flowers , Bright peony , Colorful and brilliant , It's fascinating . Willows beside the water are flying with smoke , It's watching “ The spring willows on the levee ” The best time of the year , No wonder Li Bai said “ In this flowery March journeyed south to Yangzhou ” 了 !

Chinese herbaceous peony

Wuting bridge is like the belt of thin West Lake . Because there are five pavilions on the bridge , So it's called wutingqiao . The holes under the bridge are connected to each other , It is said that the full day of the fifteenth moon , Each cave reflects a moon . The designer skillfully melts the different styles of the north and south buildings into one furnace . The pavilion on the bridge is delicate and flexible , Looking down, it's like five lotus flowers blooming in Jiangnan ; The bridge body is steady and generous , Magnificent , It has the power of northern royal architecture , Very artistic , The characteristics of the northern royal gardens and the southern private gardens in Suzhou and Hangzhou are fully used for reference , And using the Hui style architectural techniques , It has the atmosphere of the northern garden and is sparse , There is also the softness and elegance of the Soviet garden .

24 bridge moon night , Where do jade people teach flute playing .—— The tang dynasty · Du Mu . Now there is no way to study the specific meaning of the twenty fourth bridge in this famous poem . Now the new 24 bridges , The bridge is long 24 rice , wide 2.4 rice , Column 24 root , Stage level 24 layer , There are twenty-four correspondences everywhere ,“ Twenty-four bridge is still there , Oscillation wave heart 、 Of the silent . Read the red medicine beside the bridge , Every year I know who I am .” If I want to feel like this, I have to go boating under the moon , What's left is just countless memories of later generations .“ The world three clear moon night , Two rogue is yangzhou .” here , These meaningful poems naturally come to my mind .

Through this tour , I feel Yangzhou is as exquisite as Suzhou , It has rich cultural heritage as a cushion , According to its local characteristics , I believe Yangzhou will be more beautiful .