That year the flowers bloomed

2021-06-09 18:10:46  作者:Photography

Qifan Qiwei class ( Theme article —— In the summer )

One morning that summer , I wake up very early , Push the front window open , Looking at the countryside , A hazy beauty haunts my heart . Mist dances in the countryside , Between white walls and black tiles , The scenery in front of us has a sense of magic in the ancient works .

Take a few deep breaths , I have the impulse to go to the countryside . therefore , I put on a thin shirt , Be careful when you go downstairs , Gently open the door .

The stone road in the morning is a bit slippery , It's very soft to step on the stone slab dyed green by moss 、 Very comfortable , It's like the whole body's cells are filled with the fresh life .

I walk with light steps , Go straight along this path , See the grass on the side of the road , The whole body is covered with diamond like dew , Life is shining ; Watching the swaying flowers , Moist and full , The scenery along the way makes me experience the vitality I've never had before .

It's the breath of youth after nourishment , That's the boundless vitality after the effort to bloom .

Maybe there was a seed planted in my mind , Or there is a faint fragrance attracting me . I just walk at will , The green pool in the distance awakens me from intoxication , That high out of the water and proud figure let me stop .

The green disc , The pink petals , I'm afraid to get close , I'm afraid I'll destroy this beautiful pool , I am afraid that I will break the peace of this pure land .

At this time, the sun has risen slowly , Look at the forest and see the mottled light and shadow , Reflected on the dim and quiet water , It gives me the illusion of being in the picture .

The brilliance of the morning makes the Qinghui of this pool a little more warm , I also took advantage of the warmth to move closer , It's a little less dreamy when you look near than in the distance , A little more real .

The lotus leaf is not as green as it looks from a distance , Lotus is not as white as it looks from a distance .

Green on the leaves , It's like nature uses different brushes , Soft and long colors are outlined . It makes the old Green Ze more vigorous after many storms ; Add a trace of chivalrous demeanor to the fresh green ; It also gives the strong bean green infinite vitality .

It makes the colors of summer more colorful and colorful .

Powder on petals , It's also very moving . It's like a gauze skirt made by weaving women with exquisite hands , There are strands of lines , With deep and shallow colors , Set off by the tender yellow stamens , There is a kind of three-dimensional and delicate feeling of depiction .

All of these make me feel a kind of awe towards nature and life .

feeling :

Human beings are busy with life and death all day , But it seems that few can enjoy life like these flowers and plants , Enjoy the sunshine and natural comfort of the moment .

We talk all day , When you make enough money, enjoy your life , Feel nature , But this time of life never needed money to feed , The beauty of nature needs no exchange of money . What people need is to let go of their desires , Return to life itself , Return to the embrace of nature , What you can get is the relief money can bring .

Looking back on these busy years , I seem to forget that I still have the right to enjoy , Just blindly pursue , Pursue those seemingly infinite beauty , But it doesn't have to exist , Just like the shining stars , Maybe it's an illusion that disappeared countless light years ago ;

I also forgot the kindness of the forest in the mountains , Along the way , Always in a hurry , Even the roadside trees and plants have never stopped watching time ;

I forget the true state of life , Just like the original appearance before departure ……

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