"Three words and two words" skills make life better

2021-06-09 17:53:42  作者:Life journey

Come to Jinan for a while , It is also one of the activities of this year's vocational education week .

I arrived at noon , lodge , Go out and get something to eat , A little confused , Take a taxi to the International Convention and Exhibition Center , I went to the vocational education fair for a turn .

Very good , Pretty good . There are a lot of exhibitions , Time is limited , Not enough .

far away , I see the theme of this year's activity week , Skill , Make life better .

I think this year's slogan is very good , To be honest , It is in line with the actual situation of vocational education .

Although it's not like knowledge changing fate 、 Science and technology is the first productive force , Vocational Education , Or skills , Can make people's life better , Also very good. , It's good .

Now? , The problem of food and clothing has been solved , Most people don't worry about it , Don't worry about it , How to eat well , Well dressed , Live comfortably , For ordinary people , Is the greatest pursuit of life .

This job , It's mainly about vocational education . Cultivate a group of practical 、 High skill 、 A skilled person with exquisite craftsmanship 、 artisans , Make people's daily life more exquisite , More comfortable , Better , It should be the fundamental pursuit of vocational education .

Of course , Basic necessities of life have been solved , The common people still have many higher and better pursuits , For example, going to school for medical treatment and other problems ; There are still many big and important things in the country , For example, scientific development , technical progress . These things , Vocational education can participate in , Can help , But it's not mainly our job , Or we're not the protagonists .

Vocational education is based on making the life of ordinary people better , It's good ; Do this well , Great contribution .

Locate exactly , Be realistic and pragmatic , Feet on the ground , Maybe it is the best thing to do in vocational education .

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