May weight loss day 5

2021-06-09 16:53:56  作者:Photography

Why? “ We read so many books , But still not good this life .”?

I suspect the reason is : We have never seriously practiced the truth in the book , That we don't understand it at all , I didn't even see it , Not to mention mastering it 、 Use it skillfully .

So I decided to try some truth myself , So that I can understand these truths .

And I chose the truths that were hard to reach and began to try , That's weight loss !

My theory + plan :

The essence of losing weight is : Energy intake is less than energy consumption

Reduce energy intake : Tube shut up = Reasonable collocation + Control the total heat

Increase energy consumption : Move around = Walk +keep motion

I continuously 14 Heaven publishes his practice of truth in a simple book , If you are interested in it, you can go and have a look at it .

/ Language is empty , Let's look at the data !/


weight 78.1kg

breakfast Soya-bean milk + tomatoes + egg

lunch tomatoes hairtail

dinner Mung bean soup tomatoes Half a nest

motion Walk