Migrant workers, come on

2021-06-09 16:53:43  作者:Photography

When I was a child , Seeing people from the same village come back from work , It's fashionable to wear , Fashion , Be generous . I always feel that working is like paradise on earth . Grow up , In order to live , For an old and a small family , I have to go out to work . In the factory , Too many factories with two shifts in the day and night , Frankly speaking , It's also a trade in for your health .

Enough for two shifts , I'm tired of working two shifts , I found a Changbai class . The overtime of Changbai is less than that of two shifts , Wages are also low . The factory is not busy these two months , We have a lot of support online , I'm in the support line too .

To the seventh line ,“ What am I doing ?” The leader didn't speak , Use a pair of tweezers to remove a lot of blue films covered with blue films from a large heat sink .“ That's it ?” I asked ,“ Yes , That's it .” My heart is filled with joy , The job seems easy and simple . But I didn't know until I tried , The foam covered with blue film is only floating on it , Take off the blue film , Most of the foam has been removed , And the foam is also covered on the hot plate .

here , While I was working, I groped to see if there was a good way to do it . over there , One in his forties , The elder sister with some white hair is standing on the line with a stool .“ Laohu , Why are you here ?” A little girl at the end of our thread asked the elder sister named Lao Hu .“ I don't know either , Support , The leader asked me to come, and I came .”“ Our team leader is over there , You go to her and line up !” Lao Hu was placed next to me and screwed with another man . It was too late at first , I think her products have gone a long way with the assembly line , I can't help asking “ Laohu , Live tight ?” Lao Hu turned his head , Nod your head “ Quite nervous !”“ Don't worry. , It must have been too late at first , Are all the same !” While talking , The two of us worked hard .

We're working so hard that we don't know the southeast, the Northwest , Suddenly I heard someone yelling “ Come on , Can't you move fast ?! Where's the line going ?!” Oh , It's the group leader who loves to swear, and he's killing the packaging elder sister . They're next door to us , Listen to her later , I'll teach that later . alas , The loser can only keep silent , Endure in silence , Work in silence .

When I was a child , All you see is appearances , The real life of working is not only suffering but also suffering . But for the money , For the sake of a better life for the whole family , We have to say it out loud : Workers , come on. !!