Vaccination record

2021-06-09 16:08:18  作者:Life journey

Last night, I received the notice of the third vaccination in the community , In view of the fact that the first two times were both hindsight , We must be prepared to go this time .

Scan the code before going to bed , Locate the vaccination site , Rest assured . Take the first time off in the morning , My colleagues have been gossiping . The pacification of the fight , I've never been there before , Ordinary things , It's like going to war !

Get up at five forty on time , Wash and brush , It's still early for the notice . Wake up my son , Go downstairs for morning exercise , Buy breakfast on the way back . I met my aunt in the morning market , Buy two bamboo shoots 、 A handful of tender leeks .

After seven o'clock , Sweep a little yellow car , Start off .

Ten minutes to the medical center , Tell me not to vaccinate here , The staff went down to the community service stations .

It's wrong to run less , Ride a small electric navigation to the epidemic prevention station of the office for inquiry , Told to go to a community hospital 2 centralized vaccination , Ask why , The reply is that the community is suitable for queuing .

Ask about the way , The staff pointed to the ambulance delivering the vaccine : You follow the car !

good heavens , Bike sharing and ambulance sharing , I'm the first one !

The good thing is that the guy driving , He is handsome and kind-hearted , All the way , I didn't get lost !

Get to the first neighborhood at 7:50 , ask : Play here ? The young man replied : No , This is one of the centralized distribution points , You wait , Go to another !

When the young man and the female doctor finish delivering the vaccine , Keep following ! It's 8:20 at last , Seeing people in line , All of a sudden, I felt at ease ! Send the location to the owners of the community immediately , So that we can not regenerate a lot of useless work !

Community property cooperation to do preparatory work , Billboard 、 Warning line 、 Big radio , It's kind of like !

At this vaccination site 500 Injection , It's nine o'clock ! But the Internet suck up , Unable to input information normally , So it started a long wait !

Big sun ️ Higher and higher , The temperature is getting more and more uniform , There is nowhere to hide , Nearly an hour of direct sunlight , It makes my skin ache !

It's nine forty-five , The team began to follow up , The guides at the scene were in good order . Although the local epidemic situation has been stable for a long time , But where there are medical staff , I can still feel the tension .

fill the chart , Check the information , Inoculate , keep in the hospital for observation . No pain , A process comes down , Forty minutes went by again !

Cut off the post , Get rid of sleepiness, drowsiness and thirst , No adverse reactions ! Universal epidemic prevention , The key is to participate in , It's worth noting !

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