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2021-06-09 13:33:36  作者:Life journey

Yesterday morning, I was on the bench in the team of beileyuan in Yuxi City , When I was thinking about a so-called article , Suddenly I got a call from my brother Jiang Guangping ( That is to say, in the book of bamboo slips, the writer of the great Jiasi, a Ge Lulin ) The phone , An article he wrote about me 《 Butyl sugar 、 Sugar and pine nuts 》 Pointed out the shortcomings , He felt that my article was off topic , It's mixed with epidemic and nostalgia .

I was very unconvinced at that time , I don't think so , He said it too arbitrarily . But I took a closer look later , I think it's really like what he said , I can't help feeling ashamed . therefore , I think it's really a big fan , lookers-on see most of the game . If one wants to write a good article , It has to be like my brother said , We must know that literature is no first 、 There is no second place in Wu , Accept criticism and correction with an open mind .

More Than This , And we should carry forward the spirit of never tiring to revise the articles , We should carry forward the heartfelt strength of our own articles , Sometimes even if the article is overturned and rewritten , Return to the furnace for smelting and tempering , We should also revise the article well .

I did what my brother said , The article has been carefully revised . Take a close look at , I still don't think it's satisfactory , But we can only continue to modify it in the future . And by revising the article , I found that if you want to revise the article many times , In order to achieve the perfect state , You have to study hard , Improve the level of learning and writing , Only then will it be possible to write and revise articles well .

And to achieve this kind of deep learning and profound knowledge , You have to be like the ancients , I can only read 300 Tang poems , If you can't recite poetry, you can also recite it . Reading breaks thousands of volumes , Writing like a God , That's the truth . We want to be human , You have to eat bitterly .

And those of us who are new to writing , When I just learned to write on the platform , You don't have to be cheap first . I think privately , When we're still at our wits' end , You don't have to be eager for quick success and instant benefit to be on the platform , Let the wind blow , Rain and rain , But first, we need to be down-to-earth , Read books well , For good books and good articles , Strive to reach the level of recitation . That's the only way , We can write a good article , And revise the articles you have written . That is to say , To output well , You have to input it , There is no choice , There is no shortcut .

It's as the saying goes , It's hard to cook without rice . intend , The clever daughter-in-law is clever again , But if there's no grain or extra rice in the house , You want her to make delicious meals , It's beyond doubt the end of the world .

What I mean by this article is , To write a good article , And revise the article , First of all, study hard . There is Book Spirit in my stomach , You have ink in your stomach , Of course, I can write a good article , And be strict with yourself , Many times to modify their own articles , Until the article reaches the degree of satisfaction of oneself and others .

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