Pull out the key

2021-06-09 13:33:07  作者:Life journey

When we go back on our lost and found cars , Talking about losing the car all the way . I'm glad I didn't spend money , Thanks to my cousin's phone number . otherwise , Even if you see who it is in the surveillance , It's enough to make me feel dizzy .

Lao Liu and I admonished each other , You have to dial the key when you park the car anywhere in the future , So as not to lose and trouble yourself .

Two year old Xiaobao , Take her by bike , Talking and laughing , Ask East and West , Talk like a bird . Today, I stand on the pedal and say nothing . One is sick and uncomfortable , Or not interested in adult conversation .

Soon home , The car is just outside the yard . I'm holding Xiaobao , Follow up the iron door opened by Lao Liu . She stubbornly released my hand , Turn around, turn around , Take out the car key , All the way up to me , Make an angry look , There are two short tones in my mouth 、 well ! It means complaining that I don't have a long memory , I forgot about losing my car just now , Just remember to lock the car , Why can't we ?

I always thought the kid was young , Some words of adults may not be understood , It turns out that she knows everything . In the future, you should pay attention to your words and deeds in front of your children .

Xiaobao, be careful , Progress is so fast !

This warm moment , Let my heart full of joy and happiness . Some lovely words and actions of babies in life , No matter how hard you feel, it's worth it .

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