The story of wild lotus 105

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Great efforts to say that Secretary Qian “ A whole set of theories ”, Secretary Qian must be a straight face , We should make two criticisms of daliqi , But this time, he was entrusted by group leader Jiang to persuade people to do things better , So Secretary Qian calmed things down first .

He smiled , say :“ Let me tell you straight away , What do you want to achieve on the way ?”

Dali Qi said :“ His son is in love with my daughter , I'm hanging out with other women , I don't know how he disciplined his son ?”

Secretary Qian said :“ You said his son was fooling around with other women , It's about proof , There's no evidence. It's slander .”

Dali Qi said :“ This is what my daughter saw with her own eyes , No mistake .”

Secretary Qian said :“ Your daughter saw , Can you get any evidence ?”

Dali Qi said :“ My daughter saw it as evidence of iron .”

Secretary Qian said :“ It's no use seeing it , It takes evidence to be persuasive .”

Dali Qi said :“ So there's no way for this kid to fool around with him ?”

Secretary Qian said :“ There is no evidence to , You really have nothing to do with him , Unless there's evidence .”

Dali Qi said :“ This kid is lawless , Is that how my daughter was bullied by him ?”

Secretary Qian said :“ Great strength , If you will listen to me , I have an idea for you , I don't know if you want to listen to me or not ?”

Da Li asked :“ What's your idea ?”

Secretary Qian said :“ Don't you understand me ? I mean, if you listen to me , I'll tell you the idea , Otherwise I won't tell you the idea , On the other hand , Even if I told you , If you don't listen to me, I'm not saying it in vain ?”

Dali Qi said :“ You're a bunch of big ideas .”

Secretary Qian's face sank :“ Then I won't say .”

Director Cha has a clue , To Da Li Qi :“ You're talking nonsense , Secretary Qian gave you advice for your own good , And you don't know ?”

Dali Qi said :“ I don't know , Tell me what that idea is , Then let me think about whether to listen or not ?”

Secretary Qian thought about it , say :“ That's OK, too .”

Dali Qi said :“ Then you tell me .”

Secretary Qian said :“ Now it is certain that leader Jiang's son will break up with your daughter , There's no doubt about it .”

Dali Qi said :“ No doubt about it .”

Secretary Qian said :“ To say , It's your daughter who's been hurt , There is a way to make up for the loss inside the dike , I think we should ask group leader Jiang to come out with some money and count it .”

Dali Qi said :“ My daughter's innocence is priceless .”

Secretary Qian said :“ I know that , But you say it's priceless , Leader Jiang is not the emperor , If he is the emperor, he can cut a piece of land for you , He is just a small team leader , His income is also very limited , So I mean to give you a pig .”

Dali Qi said :“ Pay me a pig. I'll laugh to death if I say it .”

Secretary Qian said :“ I'm not really paying you a pig , I'll pay you the equivalent of a pig , What do you say ?”

Of course, Dali knows the market price of a pig , He thought and said :“ I'll talk to my wife about it , I'll give you a reply ?”

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