My collection the essence of Qi Baishi's painting

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Qibai stone statue

I love books like life , Including painting 、 calligraphy 、 Photography , And religious books , I love collecting .

Today I'm showing a collection , That's a book 《 The essence of Qi Baishi's painting 》. This album is published by Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House 1994 year 1 Published in , pricing 380 element . At that time , The employees of a village factory are paid just 10 element ,380 Yuan na can buy this album only after eating or drinking for more than a month . At that time , I have been running in my uncle's factory , The annual income should be more than ten thousand yuan , So seeing such a perfect picture album , I bought it .

《 The essence of Qi Baishi's painting 》

Look at the 3000 copies of this album , It can be seen that it is also relatively rare , So it can be treasured to this day , I believe the price of this album should go up , I don't know how much it's worth now ? His wife said , If you buy Maotai , This bottle of Maotai may be worth 10000 yuan now . I said, , Maotai and this album are not on the same level , The best Maotai liquor is liquor , This album is the essence of master Qi Baishi's paintings , These are his real paintings , So it's not too expensive to describe it .

Qi Baishi's works

here , Explain a little , All the paintings in this album are miniature versions of Qi Baishi's paintings , So the value is immeasurable .

This album contains a picture of Qi Baishi in his later years , He has very little beard , But it looks hale and hearty , No matter where he appears , I can recognize him , Because I like his paintings very much , I especially like the shrimp he painted . I like Qi Baishi's paintings more than I do , That is my old classmate Zhou Yongquan , He's a paint boss , After graduating from high school, he copied calligraphy , It's just that I gave up this hobby because of my work later , I picked up my brush a few years ago , Start copying Qi Baishi's shrimp , At that time, I saw that the shrimp he painted was still like dead , Now look at the shrimp he painted , The shrimp looks like it's alive . so , First of all, he is very savvy , The second is to work hard in silence .

Qi Baishi's works

This album has 《 preface 》, This paper introduces Qi Baishi's life in detail , And artistic achievements in painting , It says :

He describes objects with humor from the people , So that the work has its own unique style . What he pursues in his life is not only formal expression , It focuses on the charm of all things . He has been living in the farm for a long time , We know that all things have natural beauty . A shrimp and a crab 、 A fish and a worm 、 One flower, one fruit , All of them are writing , Don't be angry . His paintings , Simple in nature , It's easy for everyone to understand , Thousands of people were moved by his paintings . therefore , Mr. Qi Baishi is worthy of being an artist of the people .

It seems that the preface is also to our author , We have to work towards “ Focus on reflecting the charm of all things ” Work hard , It can't be divorced from reality , Shut oneself up in a room making a cart , Not only will the source of creation wither , And there is a lack of such works “ angry ”, It has no vitality .

Qi Baishi's works

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