A trip to the great haze

2021-06-09 11:41:28  作者:Photography

I'm talking about , You're listening to .

You understand , I'm happy .

This is the biggest feeling of my trip to haze . Teachers who , Preaching Tuition FAQ . When children listen carefully , You get them out of the fog , Let them step into the palace of Science , They will be satisfied too , I? ? I'm so confident that I lost a little bit .

One afternoon's second grinding class , Revise the courseware in the evening , The next morning, revise the teaching design , Print the experiment record , Send children to kindergarten , Busy and nervous , Because of the appointment 8:50 To , It's about forty or fifty minutes by car , Go out with the kids and get the experimental equipment at school , I'm afraid it's too late , It feels like a race against the clock .

After the delivery of the children , Get ready for each group . I'm just going to talk about the teaching process with my colleagues , The destination is .

Enter the office , also 2 Class is over in minutes . After the handover , Go to the class and copy the courseware , Prepare the equipment , Organize students in groups , Issue the record sheet , Experimental materials .

What makes me happy is , Only 21 people , Less than what I taught myself 30 Multiple , Feel fresh and sharp . The children are a little more formal , But listen carefully , Very well matched . The experiment was very successful ,5 Each group can guide one by one . I think it's 4 One of the best lectures .

Before class , The teacher came to lead the class , I'm afraid I can't finish preparing for class , It's expected to drag on . The local staff said it doesn't matter , Focus on quality . therefore , I'm on my way .

Student union , Is the most important purpose of a class . After that , Aware of a lot of shortcomings : When writing on the blackboard , The words "cold air falling" are written below . Let the students understand the key sentences : Cold air flows to hot air . The wipes forget to explain that they are non-alcoholic wipes , The explanation is out of step with the courseware .

For the first time in my life, I sent my class to the countryside , Be nervous when you go , Relax after speaking , Make progress on your own , Gain confidence . Thank you !