May 15, 2021: a time honored Guokui shop in Guanghan

2021-06-09 07:10:44  作者:Photography community

Play in Guanghan , lunch , I chose a 30-year-old Guokui shop , It's also from the Internet , It's said that people who drive luxury cars and vans come to buy a bunch of them .

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To Sanshui town of Guanghan , Ask a shop about the time-honored Guokui shop at Qiaotou , So we don't know why , There happened to be a local woman shopping in the store , Enthusiastically, she took us to . therefore , We drove behind her battery car , Turn left and right in town , To a T-junction , It's just going straight ahead . We invited her to eat Guokui together , She said that she would go back to the shop . We drove down the street , Until we cross a bridge , Finally found a simple shed style Guokui shop at the end of the bridge , So he yelled “ Finally found ZZ 了 ”, It made the two stores laugh .

The pot helmet of the shop owner is different from others , It feels thin in your hand , It's crisp and fragrant , It's delicious “ Thick ”, It's chewy , It's different . The female shopkeeper's surname is Xiong , She said , Her shop has been on the bridge for more than 30 years , From their twenties until now . I'm surprised. , Why are shops so simple for more than 30 years , They said that shops have been built several times , I will move to the Yijia River dam in Guanghan soon , Because it's a famous scenic spot now .

They asked if their pot helmets were innovative , The answer is that it's almost traditional , In form, there are also “ innovation ”, For example, we recommend the cold powder with pot helmet ( Such as Xi'an's mutton film ), It tastes spicy and refreshing , Hot and cold “ Interaction ” Between teeth , Stir in your mouth , It's really exciting . I can't help standing up to them “ Longmen formation ”, When children are at school , It's also at the end of the bridge , Eating spicy kohlrabi in a small pot .

The craft is skilled , It's a great job . Because there are customers like us who come here , And then there's the media , I feel that they are very satisfied , A great sense of accomplishment .

The stove is made of traditional steel and carbon , The traditional system ( Pan and furnace wall frying ), Stoves are also primitive ; The store owner and the little girl who leads the way in this town , It's also kind, simple and lovely .

The jelly is really spicy and spicy .

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