The white bone is exposed in the wild, and the defeated horse's horn cries to the sky

2021-06-09 05:25:39  作者:Photography

Since the ancient times , Fighting for , It's just the people with the highest power who benefit , The people who suffer will always be the people who have no power to bind a chicken .

The lush green grass was trampled to pieces , There are not a few dead and wounded soldiers , White bones are exposed in the wild , The defeated horse's horn cries to heaven , In wartime, we just want to win , To live , Dudu didn't think that it was a gamble with no return , If it's not a stop in time , I think it will be more tragic .

He said :“ I didn't delve into it , But I also know that all kinds of learning are just like living in the world , We have to go through repeated tempering and quenching , To make a unique flavor .”

Three years , Short is not short , But long is not long , But spring is gone and autumn is coming , The snow melts and the flowers bloom , The clothes in his cupboard changed from thin and cool to thick and warm , From bright to dark .