A unique ancient town -- Zhaiying 9

2021-06-09 03:54:03  作者:Photography

In recent years, I have also gone through some places , The wind of Daxing ancient town , Too much modern business , There are so many places in Zihao ancient town , I don't have much interest in the so-called ancient town , Neat and smooth stone road , The same Yiwu small commodities are sold in the shops of neat and uniform antique buildings 、、、 There's no need to go to the second one .

From Chengdu the year before last - Lugu lake - Dali - ruili - I've seen many ancient towns along the way , The most impressive is the ancient town of Heshun in Tengchong ,

Last year, I started a cultural and cultural landscape tour from Huaihua, Hunan Province Qianyang ancient city - Zhijiang ancient city - Phoenix Town - The ancient city of Qianzhou - Aizhai bridge - Murong Miao village - Liye ancient town - Furong ancient town - Border town - Zhenyuan - Qianhu Miao Village 、、、 The ancient town of Qingyan is over , today , The old town of online card punching has almost forgotten , But I still remember that this ancient town is located in the south of Fanjing Mountain , Unforgettable parting moment , I look back again and again , It's hard to give up those ancient eaves and old houses , Bridges , White wall tiles ...

Maybe quiet taste is the most fun . No hustle and bustle of commercial development , How many stories will be hidden in the long years ?

Although the ancient town is compared with other wanghong ancient towns , Not famous , But it's free to all , It's very conscientious .