Books are spiritual food

2021-06-09 03:15:19  作者:Life journey

Books are people's spiritual food , Reading a book not only enriches one's heart , And reading also gives people spiritual comfort . Books heal people , Books are a person's spiritual food , It's the most important thing in one's life . Reading a book , Read and feel the value of a book. A book also has its value orientation . One will read many different books in one's life , Different books bring people different lives . Read a Book , It's like experiencing a right attitude towards life , An inspiring script can affect a person's life . Reading books about motivation , Things that are not satisfactory in study or work , Will be self-motivated , Are books indispensable in one's life ? Is a book a person's spiritual food ? When a person has no spiritual food, it will be like this ?

There is a doctor , After graduating from University, I went to work in an enterprise . Because of his excellent ability, he soon became a director , In this enterprise, I also gained a love , It can be said that there are both career and love . Her girlfriend broke up with her , Since he and her girlfriend, he's been in a slump all day , He didn't get out of his grief , Without motivation, everything will be fine . I've been so sad , If he can cheer himself up mentally, there will be different results . Books can bring people happy sunshine , Books can teach you to be a positive person , Books are a person's spiritual food , When a man loses his spirit . It's sad. Every day .

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