My highland town

2021-06-09 03:04:55  作者:Life journey

The sky is clear

Clear water

A river is red at sunset

It's an old song

It's a dream of plateau

This is a song written by plateau people , And my home is on the plateau in the West , That beautiful highland town —— xining .

Born in , Grow up , Growing up in her arms , Crying in her arms , Smile in her arms ! But over the years , Except to draw what you want from her without restraint , But I never did anything for her .

all the time , I just want to leave the place where I was born and raised , Take a look at the outside world 、 Take a walk , perhaps , Just go to some strange place far away from her , Live quietly and undisturbed . The idea , It's never been broken .

But I don't know , Day by day , The land under my feet is in my heart of running away , Little by little 、 It's growing deeper and deeper 、 Sprouting , Even flowers and fruits are so quiet . Until the evening of the day , I suddenly touch these flowers, these fruits , But it turned out to be brilliant .

That evening when the night began to fall , I'm sitting by the window of the bus , Looking out of the window at the scene of the city in a low mood . Out of the window , There are more and more cars in this city 、 More and more bridges 、 The road is getting wider and wider , And people , And more and more in a hurry !

The lights are just beginning to shine !

It suddenly occurred to me that the word . Only a short while ago , People talk about Qinghai , Always thinking of “ Savage ”; Only a short while ago , People talk about Xining , Always think of small towns . It is said that Xining is small, dirty, messy, poor and backward , There's no city at all . But inadvertently , Xining has grown from a little ugly girl to a graceful girl , Xining has a city, and the lights begin to shine .

It's time to finally make up your mind to leave , Only then discovered , xining , It has really become an untouchable nostalgia rooted in my heart . original , I love it so much 、 This is a small city , I was born and raised in today's small city .

I love the blue sky, white clouds and more and more comfortable climate of this city , I love the more and more energetic summer in this city , Love this city more and more warm winter , Love the more and more beautiful appearance of this city , Love the more and more rich tulip in this city .

also , So many people who love me , Living in this beautiful highland town . And I'm , In fact, how I want to be with the people I love , In this beautiful plateau town, you can have a small but warm and stable home , Let's go together , Living happily and peacefully in this beautiful plateau town !

Before I left , There is nostalgia already , This should be a flesh and blood relationship !

therefore , I want to write about my highland town , Let more people know her and love her , It's time I did something for her !

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