My daughter's sea - draft

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Zou Feiyang's daughter's ( I love the sea )

I love the sea

author : Wei (3 grade )

In the morning , I came to the beautiful seaside park .“ It's a fine day today , It is really comfortable !” I had a stretch , I took a long breath of the cool sea breeze .

There is a beautiful scenery in front of me : A red sun is rising , Golden light , The sea turned golden at once ; A gray ship , Sailing in the blue sea .

Looking east , Green coconut trees are swaying by the wind , Like Fairies in green dancing . A seagull , Flying freely in the blue sky .


Near by , People are swimming in the beach , A bunch of tiny footprints left on the beach , Bursts of laughter intoxicated me .“ Wei , Go to the sea .” Grandma's voice woke me up in my dream . I rushed to the sea like an arrow , Wandering on the beach , Pick those of different sizes , Dazzling shells .

Countless shells are dazzling in the bright sun , Waves of sea water come up , I jumped into the sea in desperation , In shallow water, of course , Play in the water and jump in the waves . Although I can't swim , And have a good time .“ Wei , It's time to go .” Grandma cried . I stand up , Out of the blue sea , I left reluctantly .

On the way home , I ran happily . exactly , I love the sea , I prefer the charming seaside .

[ The instructor Comments on Pang Lingmin ]

The article narrates the beautiful scenery of the seaside from far to near , Highlights the sunrise 、 The sea 、 Seagull 、 Coconut trees, etc , It's quite subtropical .

The charming scenery of the seaside makes “ I ” Be intoxicated , therefore “ I ” And into the arms of the sea . The article shows the author's virginity 、 Childlike fun , Expressed to the sea , Love for the seaside .

This article was awarded 99 year 《 Haishihua youth Composition Award 》

See my daughter's composition , Feiyang is very pleased , Feiyang is busy with his work , I didn't delay my daughter's play , She is happy , The mind and body are healthy .

Today, , In the hometown of the sea , The old daughter reprinted her daughter's article , Now my daughter has a little daughter , The little daughter continues to write and love the same sea !

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