Diary of Bai Zhou

2021-06-07 20:02:40  作者:Photography

2021 year 05 month 21 Japan Late at night when young and frivolous , I always think that everything in the world , There is no alternative but to ; After years and years , I feel that all the people in the world , Power has an end .


The triple realm of life : See heaven and earth , See all living beings , See yourself . The soul engraved in the bones , Changing all the time , If one day you see the world , Then you can also make your own world have a new understanding . Finally I met the world , But I didn't meet myself , Only when you really know yourself , There will be a new understanding .

Even if you are young and frivolous, how about , In the end, I have only myself in my world , More soul . Some people haven't seen the world since childhood , But some people have already gone deep into the mire , In the end, I don't want to look up at tall buildings , I don't want to fall into the abyss . The story of the abyss , Maybe it's none of our business .

The boat is gone , River and sea send the rest of life . Maybe our years are gone like the wind , The years gone will never look back , Missed life , There will be no ending , It's good to have regrets , Regret is fine , That's all .

I'm just a passenger after all , There is no place to live in ……