A tour of Lili ancient town in Wujiang (1)

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From right, classmate Li Chunrong 、 Chen Furong 、 Shen Jingqing

Li Chunrong, a high school classmate working in Beijing, didn't return to Suzhou during the Spring Festival , He told me to come back from the May Day holiday , We'll meet again when we meet back , And take him to the surrounding ancient towns . I told the other two students about his return , And make an appointment 3 We're going on a trip together . I think of Zhouzhuang, a popular ancient town 、 There are many people in Tongli and other festivals , Chose Li Li , It's Liu Yazi's former residence , There are literary friends who can take us for a walk .

Yesterday morning , Get up early , Wait for them in the factory . Chen Furong, an old classmate working in Mudu middle school, a provincial key high school 9 A little bit more came to my factory . He told me , Chunrong went to pick up another old classmate , It's supposed to be a little late . Another old classmate, Shen Jingqing, lives in the city , stay 4 Near the subway entrance of line 2 . Afraid of traffic jam , They were informed to take 4 We'll meet at Muli station, the nearest to our factory , And then we'll go together .

It is estimated that it will take them some time to get to Muli station , Let old classmate Chen Furong have a cup of tea before he leaves . Teacher Wenyou Kaixin works in liuyazi Memorial Hall in Lili ancient town , She was born there , Learn about the history of the ancient town . She once sent me a book she wrote 《 The lamp lighter in the back garden 》, Many of them are related to the ancient town of Lili . When she knew I was going to take my classmates , Promise to be our guide .

It's an hour's drive from Lili ancient town , I asked my colleague Zhang Chang to drive with me , In the morning 11 I can't reach them . Go straight to the destination along the East Taihu Lake , I have already contacted a hotel near the ancient town , I especially like the special dish of that restaurant, chicken in casserole 、 Ring, etc , My friend Xiao Lu took me to taste it last year . I'll have lunch there at noon , I want to invite happy teacher to come with me , She's busy at noon .

Come to the hotel , The hall downstairs is full of guests . The landlady arranged for us to go upstairs , I'll order downstairs , I ordered the bell that the old students had never tasted 、 Special dishes such as sausages .


Ring the bell

When students eat crisp and fragrant fried bell , They say it's delicious . There are endless words when old classmates meet , Talking about table mates, talking about Lumu old street , We eat and talk , It's getting late. It's almost afternoon 2 O 'clock , Hurry to the ancient town .

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