Frog on the well

2021-05-04 17:33:55  作者:Photography

The journey of May Day is over so quickly .

Now I'm sitting in my friend's milk tea shop , Waiting for another friend to come to me for dinner .

Just crossing the road , There's a car flying across the street , Rolled up a tsunami of sand . While waiting for milk tea , An uncle is sitting at the bar , While talking loudly on the phone, while leisurely lighting a cigarette , That temperament , You'll see . The shopkeeper said gently : Hello , You can't smoke here . Uncle nodded , I went out slowly on the phone .

None of these are available in the city I traveled to .

I always feel that learning is not necessarily equal to poor ability , Because everyone has their own good part , I'm just not good at learning what compulsory education teaches . This is not an excuse for my poor study , Because I've been in the mouth of teachers since I was young “ Smart kids ”.

But at an age where you don't have to be able to measure your value , I really feel that the children who are poor in learning , The quality of life is lower than that of children who study well . Not matter , It's the campus living environment and temperament .

I always heard adults say : You! , Just too young , Not yet sensible .

Yeah , I'm only a teenager , I'm the age that should be stupid . I certainly don't expect that I can have Zhuge Liang's great talent at a young age , Zhuge Liang himself would not expect himself to . It's only when the road is gone that we know where the treasure is buried .

People who study well even have a good canteen .

Once you see something better , You're going to hate what you have . Then I found out “ Other people's things smell best ” This is not because people are too cheap , It's endless desire , Even if there's something worse than me ? I want something better .

Jealousy is not good , But I can't control it .

Good thing , Out of the limitations of compulsory education for me , I'm finally free to choose my favorite city . It's not the score line of college entrance examination that can frame me at that time , It's about personal ability . If I still didn't find the life I wanted at that time , Maybe there's no way to find it again 『 excuse 』 了 .