Why do you feel more lonely in marriage? Was it because of love?

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Why is it clear that in marriage , But I feel more lonely ? At the beginning, it was because of love ?

First , It's normal to feel lonely in a marriage . The rest of us ? Except for those who can't feel lonely , It's a person who feels lonely and doesn't want to say anything . in fact , The so-called happy marriage , There are not many pairs .

secondly , Most people go for the happiness of marriage , And from love to marriage , But few people are pure , That is to say, it's mixed with a lot of other things ; The purity of love comes to the palace of marriage , There are always some real bumps . It's not pleasant , Or some discomfort .

It foreshadows the estrangement between the two in the marriage .

Third , Love and marriage cannot be equated .

Love is sweet , Of course, there are also elements of dreams , Especially some love that comes naturally out of simplicity , That is, unconsciously men and women are attracted to each other , It's not about marriage as a result of love .

What about marriage ? It must involve firewood, rice, oil and salt , It's more about bits and pieces . In addition, men's marriage process will be cut through ( It's a house 、 The car 、 Betrothal gifts and so on ), When it's time to hold the beauty back , A lot of them are already exhausted .

so to speak , The process of marriage is the most important lesson for a man to grow up , To know more about each other's humanity . Marriage is more realistic 、 cruel , And love is more enjoyable 、 novel . That's why there's a falling contrast after marriage .

Fourth 、 Especially for those who marry for the sake of marriage .

Many people respect facts , Marriage for marriage . About the same , To the end of marriage . There are some ? Try hard to get to .

During this period, as a more and more obvious feeling , Many people realize that marriage contains “ transaction ” characteristic . The inner essence of a good marriage , It did disappoint them .

therefore , Calmness and stagnation after joy , Even loneliness , It really belongs to a lot of people .

A man and a woman , Children who seem to have done wrong , But I don't know what's wrong . For a lot of girls , I followed the advice of many family members and friends, and chose suitable marriage partners , For boys , The most likely choice is “ I can't marry you without money , I won't marry you if I have money ” My marriage partner . marriage , For many people , It's just a “ transaction ” Farce , Loneliness after marriage , It's normal .

The fifth 、 It was mentioned that “ business ” marriage . business , Of course, there are also good and bad ingredients . For the post-80s 、 After 90 , It's personality , Be able to respect and care for each other's , It's very small . therefore , Management is an art . Willing to run , Another attitude .

The sixth 、 I feel... In my marriage “ More lonely ”, Just because it's not “ United by love ”!

Let's ask about the present marriage , United by love , And a few percent ?!

United by love , Such love , Of course, there are also cases of loneliness after marriage . Because what? ? Because in love , The mystery of emotion and the new impulse , It always makes people happy and selfless , It can also make people always show a good side . Look at the beauty of each other , I'm also beautiful . After marriage ? after a considerable period of time , Domestic life , Every aspect of everyone comes out , Really have “ So that's it ” The feeling of , Eventually it became “ nothing more than this ” Conclusion .

When the good is gone , All over the place . Of course, I feel lonely , The original words are less , There's more reality to deal with , The differences between the two show up , I feel lonely .

To make a long story short , Although we should respect reality 、 money 、 Face and Trade . But the bond of long-term marriage should be emotion . Even if it's due to the four above , It's better to have feelings than to have no feelings .“ United by love , Hand in hand for one ” It should be the starting point of marriage .

By ashang Qingzi

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