Nostalgia for the world

2021-05-04 17:20:20  作者:Photography

Red lanterns at the end of the city

It's a bit of nostalgia for the world of mortals

It's the beauty of the falling flower season

It's also a spark that lights up the distant miss

Soaked red in the romantic time

But helpless in the broken bridge, let a Wang mind , Be stranded

Uncovering the clouds lingering in the history of the Millennium

Can you still hear the Qiang flute whimpering at the willows ?

Can you still see the bleak picture of the west wind of the ancient road ?

Can Tang poetry and Song poetry be placed leisurely on the Bank of the heart ?

Whether it can also be along the heart of the dike above the whip ?

Mention a pekoe, outline a prosperous face

But it is fixed in the dust of history

Quietly scattered into a flower rhyme dye

So only let the wind blow the loss to the post station

Around the edge of the platform

Turn round and round ……

One by one 2021 year 5 month 4 Japan

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