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Hot words in summer (6)

Almost a day at home , In the afternoon, I came out and sat down . It was very hot the other two days , The temperature came down again after a rain yesterday , Sitting at the bottom of the community, the cool wind blows , The hairs stand up , It seems , The tail of spring is still there , And I'm wearing short sleeves , At the moment, the skin is obviously not fully adapted to the weather , When the wind blows through the skin , I feel a little cold .

The wind is a bit strong , This kind of May Day is very suitable for kite flying . Yesterday when I passed the square beside the gate of the community , I saw some children flying kites there . The wind is strong , The children are in a good mood , But the venue is too small , The kite didn't fly very high .

But this moment , Sitting in the corner of the neighborhood , Still can feel the strong wind . The big camphor tree above is rocking wildly , The whole forest of the community is full of the wind and the swaying sound of the branches , I looked up carefully at the swinging branches in front of me , I feel , The strong wind is more like the sound of friction between the thick leaves .

I sat on the bench , Back against the back of the chair , Close your eyes and repose your mind , Let the wind blow through my mind . A beautiful picture came to mind , There's a wind blowing through there , There is grass there , There are wide rivers , And the lush woods , And you standing on the river bank in the wind ! I feel as if I have fallen into a kingdom of wind , It reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's 《 It's windy 》. Yes , It's windy !

Just as I am immersed in the kingdom of the wind of consciousness , But I heard a voice . Open your eyes , I found a couple of young men and women sitting on the chair opposite me . The girl is holding a bunch of roses in her hand , Talking to boys . Needless to say , From the expressions on their faces , At the moment , The girl , Boys are the happiest people in the world .

Maybe , Sitting on a bench right now is a good time to imagine a wonderful story , In the kingdom of wind , The story of a young boy falling in love with a beautiful girl .

I look at them , Bless them , But there are no waves in my heart . Think of , I once seemed to have a similar beauty , At that time, the sweetness of happiness was strongly on top of life . However , In the end, it's all over the place , Although already out of the unbearable period , But suddenly I found out , It seems that there is no longer the yearning for pure love in my heart .

I think of a book I saw in a bookstore a long time ago , The author and the content are completely forgotten , But I always remember the title of the book 《 While you can love , Go to love 》. Memory is selective , And the choice is often those with your heart in line with the content , I think this is a good example ! because , At the moment , I can't even remember where I saw this book , I remember the name of the book , It's better to remember the title of the book .

Although life is not only about love , But the vast majority of people in a certain period of time and often only love , It's a rule that humans can't escape . However , After that pure and passionate happiness , With age , Life will tell us , Love is not the whole of life . Little by little , With age , The responsibility and rationality of life will slowly press the sweetness of happiness , Let's get you back to reason . And I think , This is also a good interpretation of the meaning of the title of the book , Or my inner understanding !

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