20210504 diary

2021-05-04 16:53:17  作者:Photography

I was on the night shift last night , I wanted to have a good rest when I was resting , But mosquitoes are always bothering me , It doesn't give me a good rest , Fortunately, a colleague's mosquito repellent incense helped me solve many problems , So that I can have a little rest .

I found that helping others is helping myself , We should help others when they are in need , Who would hate a person who really helps himself ?

But when we help people , There may be people who say bad things about us , Some people will say that it is profitable for us to help others .

Jesus told us to do good in secret , It's very wise to teach people to do good in secret ! Thieves and bad people do evil in secret , But Jesus taught us to do good in secret .

Most of the time, people do good deeds and get nothing in return , People will lose heart and be disappointed , I advise people not to lose heart in doing good , Because I believe in God's righteousness , I wish I could do good , May I do good and never lose heart .