Liushui town

2021-05-04 16:25:52  作者:Photography

Street View of Liushui village

Make an appointment with a friend , Come to the village of flowing water —— Liushui village, nanlushan Town, Yiyuan County .

I passed by many times before , I've been to farmhouse twice , But never into the village . This time , The main purpose is to visit the village .

A running water runs through the whole village , The flowing water brings aura and vitality to the whole village .

Several old people are sitting in the corridor and chatting . In their twilight years, they probably never thought that one day , This is what the village will look like .

Liushui village is rich in water resources . There is an old spring in the village . This is the source of the flowing water along the way .


The old spring has water all the year round , They feed the people of Liushui village , It also nourishes the soil and water . It is said that the amount of water is like Baotu Spring in Jinan , Although the whole surface of the spring is now covered with a thick layer of moss , I can't see the spring , But we can still see that the flow is not small .

There is a kind of purple flowers and plants that I can't name all over the upstream of the water .

Ask Qu that to be clear , To have a source of fresh water .

Water in Liushui village has existed for several years , Now it's a new look , Thanks to the party's policies to fight poverty .

From time to time along the way, we can see the signs of small and micro poverty alleviation stations hanging on the external walls of some families . Small and micro poverty alleviation projects and related introductions are posted on the wall of the home . Most of the old people get together to scrape the Platycodon grandiflorum . Platycodon grandiflorum is a special planting project here . It used to be bought by foreign traders , People's income is not high . Now , After planting their own simple processing , Platycodon grandiflorum will increase in value . The old, the weak, the sick and the disabled in the village have a sideline income . Farmhouse entertainment in the village is also a poverty alleviation industry project , It was contracted by two young people in the village , The village also has a fixed income every year .

Don't let anyone fall behind on the way to a well-off life . The good days are yet to come .


Step barefoot into the stream , Cool and cozy .