Why take five days off on Labor Day?

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Why take five days off on May Day ? It's the cradle of trouble !

I have to make up two days before and after class , It's just a day off, isn't it ? Why so circuitous ? It's not good not to make up lessons and take three days off on weekends ? Not yet ? Don't understand zero cut meat doesn't hurt ? One pig at a time , Some people can't afford it !

After “ May 1 back home to play sand, May 2 with dad to see the auto show ” Two days of leisure , May 3 is Monday , It's time to concentrate on your homework ?NoNoNo!

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And listen to me :

Dabao's mid-term exam on April 30th , When I get up in the morning, I take my temperature with a temperature gun , I found his ears red , Tonsil often inflames cause fever, oneself can feel , A survey ,37.3°. It's been three months , Don't drop the chain at the critical moment , Take some medicine quickly .

It's time to go to school , You can't open your eyes, you can't hold your hands , The old mother had to coax patiently , And put on your own clothes and shoes , I'm smoothing my hair .

I don't feel at ease when I get to school , I'm afraid it will burn again , I told Mr. Zhang that Dabao was a little uncomfortable in the morning , Take him home for lunch after the exam , I'll send him to the exam in the afternoon , Mr. Zhang replied ok The gesture .

It's still uncomfortable in the car , Took him to the clinic , I prescribed some medicine , A small injection . When I was in school, I started to make trouble again , I can't walk with my hands. How can I take the exam , And I cried , It's like being wronged , It's like I'm a villain pushing him to school !

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My ancestors, please stop ! I took my temperature , Thirty seven and a half degrees , There must be a process for injection and medication, right ? You have to wait at home . Give me a good word , If I don't take the exam in the afternoon, I'll ask Mr. Zhang for leave , He's not reconciled , Wipe the tears away .

After the exam in the afternoon, please call me to say that the fever has gone away , Sweating . I'm glad , Tell him that no matter what the exam result is, my father and I won't say anything about him , It's very strong to take the exam with illness , Promise him a reward , As for the reward, I didn't say anything .

Although it's not easy to promise to children , Know that a promise is a debt , The dolls have a good memory ! so to speak “ amazing ”. But there are different feelings and different scenes , The sentimental old mother still couldn't resist making a promise .

No one is afraid to steal , I'm afraid someone will miss . They have it in mind ! Remind me every day , He also pretended to be very sensible and said that he would take him to Kyushu supermarket to have a look and buy it online .

Always ask my mother when you will take me to Kyushu , It was a bad day yesterday. It rained , When I had breakfast, I said that we would not go to Kyushu any more. Let's buy it directly from the Internet ! At that time, his face drooped , The more you think about it after a meal, the more you are unwilling , Get in the mood .

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Please start your performance ——

Lying on the sofa , Cover your head with a pillow , A howl :“ A liar , A liar ! Adults are liars ! Words never count ……”

Ah, ah, ah ! You said that too much ! I didn't say I wouldn't buy it for you , So what do you care about the process ? As a result, just buy it ? Besides, you only want toys, but you don't know what kind of toys you want ? What do you mean by that? ? You just want to fool me to buy it in Kyushu, right ?

Keep venting :“ I was so uncomfortable that I went to take the exam , Promise me not to buy it after a few days ! A liar , A liar !” And threw the back on me . You gave me the test ? Did I force you to go ? A heart ! It's like dumpling stuffing ……

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change one's clothes , Slam the door and go ! Throw away the garbage , I went around downstairs , Wearing a mask anyway , No one saw my sad face …… The new millennium fruit at the convenience store is very fresh , Both boys love to eat , Buy a bag of , Home? . Run away from home in the standard motherhood style ?

Brother Hei, after work, runs to complain to his father , She said the ball made her mother angry again , Brother Hei, who learned the whole story, made Dabao apologize to me , He said he had discussed with him , Buy something meaningful and affordable , Dabao agreed , And bared his teeth to ask for a hug , cut ! Go away !

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