A handsome young man turns into a gorgeous beauty. When she works as a model and charity, she lives a different life

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There is a popular saying on the Internet :“ Once a man waves , There's nothing wrong with women .”

Square dance is usually exclusive to middle-aged and old women , But some men make the square dance enchanting and charming , It's amazing . After the rise of live platform , Many women's wear tycoons have aroused great interest from netizens , They are God like beings .

Abby is one of the best women's big guys , He's a pretty guy 、 height 1 rice 75 The young man , He dressed himself up as a beauty , He can sing and dance , This huge contrast instantly sucks countless .

Netizens have issued such exclamations :“ She is so beautiful , As a woman, I'm fascinated by her , She makes me feel inferior .”

Women's wear boss is just a way to make a living and attract people's attention , Some men become women through sex change surgery , Liu Ting is one of them , Why did he do that ? What did he go through ?

1 My mother is seriously ill , Helpless teenagers shoulder the burden of their families

Liu Ting was born into an ordinary family in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province , He has a pretty face , Good grades , His parents have high hopes for him .

Boy as he is , But he likes to wear girls' clothes , Play with girls' toys , Playing with girls , He is often ridiculed by his peers for this .

Liu Ting's parents and teachers didn't take it seriously , It is no wonder that , Many boys like colorful clothes , They all like to play with girls' toys , People think that when Liu Ting grows up, she will realize the gender differences and get rid of these bad habits .

Liu Ting spent her childhood carefree , Until something happened in their family .

In his 13 At the age of , My mother was diagnosed with uremia , In a few years, their family's savings were all spent , I've borrowed all the money of the seven aunts and eight aunts , My mother's condition is still not improving , At this moment , Liu Ting's father abandoned her mother and son and left for another country .

Liu Ting grew up overnight after she lost her family , He goes to school during the day , He has to do housework and take care of his mother after school , He shouldered the burden of his family , He tasted the hardships of life , Experienced the hardships of life .

2 Carrying my mother to college , Become a national moral model

“ The children of poor families are in charge of the family ”, The misfortune of the family made the boy grow up quickly , He not only takes good care of his mother , And his academic performance has been very good ,2005 He was admitted to Zhejiang Forestry University in , At this time, a reality is placed in front of him .

Mother can't take care of herself , Need to be taken care of all the year round , Liu Ting can't leave her mother at home because of her studies , He is in a dilemma , I don't know what to do .

The mother knows her son's difficulties , In order not to drag Liu Ting down, she even has the idea of suicide .

Liu Ting took the initiative to get in touch with the school , He explained the actual situation to the school and hoped that the school would allow him to take his mother to school , The school approved his request .

university 4 Liu Ting was very busy during the year , He spent all his time in class and taking care of his mother , Whenever he has time, he takes his mother to look for medicine everywhere , Students can often see Liu Ting going out with her mother behind her back .

The media are scrambling to report Liu Ting's story ,“ Carrying my mother to school ” It became the label of Liu Ting , His filial piety to his mother moved countless netizens . With the rise of popularity, all kinds of reputations come in , He became “ Chinese model of filial piety and respect for the elderly ”、 Zhejiang top ten “ Filial piety is good for children ”,2007 He also won the “ A national moral model ” The title of .

After the honor, Liu Ting got the help of the charity , My mother underwent the operation successfully , So their family got out of trouble .

3 Listen to your heart , Brave enough to have sex change surgery

Over the years, Liu Ting's energy has been focused on her studies and her mother , But he always thought of himself as a girl , He'll wear girls' clothes when nobody's around , Make yourself beautiful .

He dare not tell the secret to others , Especially when he became a celebrity , He always disguised himself as a man of indomitable spirit , In fact, he always had a “ The little princess ”, He suffered a lot because of it .

2013 He really can't stand it for two years , He confided his thoughts to his mother , The mother realized the seriousness of the problem , They went to see a psychiatrist together , The diagnosis given by the doctor is that Liu Ting has “ Heterosexualism ”, He had a problem with gender perception , To change this situation requires long-term psychological counseling .

Liu Ting made a bold decision , He wants to have sex change surgery and become a woman , Mother thought it over and over and finally agreed .

2014 year 28 Six year old Liu Ting had sex change surgery , after 1 Years of surgery and treatment , She was reborn and became a woman . When she appeared in public with a new image , No one is not surprised by her change .

He was a handsome guy before the operation , She became enchanting after the operation , Sweet and lovely , Many women are impressed by her beauty , issue “ Her beauty makes me a woman jealous ” The feeling of .

2015 Liu Ting took part in the International Miss United Nations beauty contest , She got “ The most beautiful butterfly Award ”, It's an affirmation of her ability , It's also a compliment for her successful transformation .

Later, Liu Ting was keen on charity , She often goes to remote mountainous areas to help poor and backward families , Let those children who can't read go back to school , She returns to society in this way , Bring warmth to more people in need .

Now Liu Ting rarely appears in public , Her life gradually returned to peace , She has been interviewed by the media , When asked how she is doing , She replied in this way :“ I enjoy being a woman .”

Liu Ting's life is very inspirational , At a young age, she took on the burden of her family , She takes care of her mother and her studies at the same time , Her perseverance is admirable . What's more difficult , She dares to listen to her inner voice and insists on being a woman , She has become a model for a new generation of women to challenge traditional sexism , She lived a different life .

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