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Give yourself a chance to try something different every year .

Maybe I'll never think of it in my life , There's also a chance to try live .

5 month 2 Friday night , With a younger martial brother , I did a live broadcast for the oranges in Xingshan County .

Xingshan is one of the poverty alleviation counties of Zhongnan University of economics and law , Now the oranges in the county are unsalable .

Although we don't know the final single quantity yet , But I'm addicted to it .

The last few times , It's all about watching people in front of the camera , It's like it's hard .

At the camera , Say those words .

In fact, I am quite nervous .

Because this is the first time , Because in front of the public platform before , Always nervous hand shaking .

On the platform shared with younger martial brothers and younger martial sisters , On the recruitment stage of Ziqiang society , On the stage of work training in Shouyi Hall , And on the stage of campus recruitment .

That time, the platform of Shouyi Hall , Or with the courage of two liang liquor .

Gradually speaking , It's interesting to find out .

What we're facing is the camera , On the contrary, it's easier than a scene full of two or three hundred people .

Because I can't see the expression of the audience , Just say what you're ready for .

On the contrary, I'm not nervous , Say it paragraph by paragraph , One link at a time .

In the afternoon on trial , The studio is pouring in 200 A large audience , It's like watching the highlights of our shooting process .

At the end of the night, there were more than 300 people .

In fact, only one product of orange was sold from beginning to end , Help solve the problem of unsalable Xingshan oranges , I did what I should do on May 4th Youth Day .

I ate so many oranges , The oranges in Xingshan are the most juicy I've ever seen .

The sweetness of an ordinary orange is 13°, Xingshan navel orange can reach 15° above , The juice content is the same as other kinds of oranges 2-3 times .

Of course , I also unlocked the new way to eat oranges from my younger martial brother from Hainan : Cut off the navel eye of the navel orange , Squeeze with your hand , An orange becomes a cup of pure natural fresh orange juice .

And Xingshan navel orange with thin skin and much meat , After the juice is squeezed , Break it off with your hands , Fresh and tender flesh can continue to eat .

It doesn't seem difficult .

Of course, early we set up a small team to prepare for this .

Choose from products 、 Product discounts 、 Live link settings 、 Script design 、 Audience interaction and so on , The whole team has become more skilled .

From preliminary preparation 、 Live control 、 Final conclusion , It forms a closed loop of completion .

It's not just the two anchors in front of the camera .

The most important thing is to have enough knowledge of the product , This also benefits from a lot of work done by the team product team in the early stage .

Do it alone , It's really hard , a multitude of things .

But when we have a team behind us , It's going to be easy .

Until a minute before it started , I don't know what it's going to look like .

I've only seen the live script a few times , I haven't practiced much with my younger martial brother , We only met three hours before the broadcast to practice the script .

Will no one be watching ? It's all a big question mark .

I didn't know until I did , Don't do, never know .

It's no use just thinking about it , It's fun to do it .

It turns out that live broadcasting is also an interesting thing .

Dry is finished .

There are not so many why ?

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