The color of a river

2021-05-04 15:17:15  作者:Photography

Yesterday's trip , Found a colorful stream , Bright yellow winds through the mountains , Quite beautiful , I guess there's Pyrite up there , Subconsciously focus on .

The upstream route is too rugged , It happened to be a shower again , Dare not continue to explore , So I look downstream .

I thought I would find a long Yellow River .

Who knows, it's only about a kilometer , There is no obvious inflow of other water sources , Bright yellow will gradually disappear .

Think about it and guess about it , The local area belongs to karst landform , Maybe there are underground rivers and so on , Diluted the mineral content , The color changes with it .

Out of the scenic area, back , It turns out that the bright yellow river is the river that accompanies us all the way , The color is the same as the ordinary river , There's no difference at all , No one can imagine his upstream is so gorgeous color .

Life is probably the same , Most people's colors change with experience , I can't see the original appearance for a long time .