A puzzling phenomenon draft

2021-05-04 15:06:15  作者:Photography

It's a long time in one unit , It's experts , This industry has been around for a long time , It's authority , Three years of driving , It's the old driver , He has been working for more than three years . Education alone is not like this .

What's puzzling is that , In the education industry , A lot of people 30 Years and even 40 Years of people , But the grievance is like a primary school student , Listen, I just walked out of school , From “ tiangong ” Experts from China , Experts from abroad , Experts coming out of the ivory tower , Some experts don't have enough hair on their mouths. They just eat mutton bread for a few days . Or go to heaven for a walk, it seems to get the truth . The experts yelled , point to east and west , Only bloom , Dewey , I didn't know there was a ghost millet , Confucius , I only know about foreign countries , I don't know China . Totally negate Chinese education , Even the reason for the backwardness of Chinese society caused by political corruption in modern China is attributed to Chinese education , It's necessary to knock down and then quickly . Therefore, teachers with decades of teaching experience have completely lost their confidence and dignity .

For decades. , We don't have a system that goes through to the end , And there is no universally recognized standard that we can stick to , We have been busy with international standards , Pick up the ghost today , Pick up the ghost tomorrow , It makes people feel as if our own ghosts are backward , Feudalism is not worth going on , We have to constantly change the orbit . Must abandon, must follow the wind , Our train is constantly reorienting , When can we have confidence in our own system in the field of education , I have confidence in my own cultural tradition , Have your own teaching method, your own self-confidence in teaching theory , When can our practitioners be proud , Stand up and be a man , Instead of being led by the nose all the time , Dongyi hammer , West a mallet , Never know , The more you teach, the less you know how to teach , The more you teach, the less daring you are , The more panic , It's like a daughter-in-law who is always angry . There's no sense of accomplishment at all , No home in my heart , Without the dignity of teaching .

When can the education sector seek truth from facts , From the sky to the ground , Go and really study your students , My own culture , My teaching theory and method accumulated over thousands of years , And don't always envy foreign . Blindly worshiping foreign countries and fawning on foreign countries , Only the foreigners are looking forward . We should have a little confidence in our national culture , It should be noted that a lot of things abroad are learning from us . For example, foreign examination system , We learned from our imperial examination .

Many of our cultural achievements are beyond the reach of the West .

The most dynamic culture is produced in the fertile soil of China , Most grounded , Most suitable for China .