Three days worth recording

2021-05-04 14:54:02  作者:Photography

Whether it's fast or not these three days , It's over whether it's slow or not . The harvest is to earn 210 element , Actually, I'm very tired , I feel it's not easy to make money , It's not easy to understand my parents . There are many choices in life , But the ultimate goal is to survive better . The boss is very nice and amiable , I like to tease him , Say something that you don't have , I have a good relationship with them these three days .

1 The most unbearable thing is to see a lot of fish, shrimp and chickens killed alive , Get in the pot . The last side I want to see , I didn't eat fish and shrimp , I don't want to eat chicken . But it's nothing in their eyes , The boss also said that they are for food .

2 You should study hard in school , It's very difficult to get outside , What's more, I don't want to do such a job , So read well ! I feel happy to be a student , Although sometimes I feel a little tired , But overall it's still very good .

3 It's very refreshing to make money and spend money by yourself , All the money I made these two days is for skin care products ( The essence of 、 Towel 、 sunscreen 、 Milk suit 、), Girls have to work hard to make money , No matter how hard you work, you have to rely on yourself .

4 I like my grandfather very much , He kept saying I'll do it , You take a break . Very kind , He is also a Tibetan , Finally, when he came home, he told me to study hard ( I miss my grandfather ), Looking at his back when he left, there was a kind of inexplicable sadness . I was just thinking that after I separated from this strange grandfather , I'll never see you again , Maybe he's dead and doesn't know ( Sensibility erupted again ), Fate is a wonderful thing . I hope he is safe and healthy .

5 I haven't taken good care of myself these three days , After go home ( dorm ) Just wash , Wash the clothes , Pack your clothes , Tidy up the cabinet , general cleaning . It's much more comfortable after cleaning up .

reflection : It's not easy to do anything , It's harder to get out of school , You'd better study hard !

Life should be clean