I wake up in the early morning

2021-05-04 13:29:53  作者:Photography

I met boss Kim at the bar , The lights are dim .

Short hair , White shirt, black suit , Clean and fresh . Gold rimmed glasses reflect light , Typing on the laptop keyboard .

I came over , Mr. Xu introduced .

He raised his head , Smile sincerely .

businessman , Capable , Shrewd , Uphold justice , I thought to myself . There are conflicting definitions of first impressions , It's because of the shallowness of the unfamiliar relationship .

“ Finally we meet ”, He got up and shook hands warmly .“ I've heard a lot about you , Nice to meet you ”.

A lot of people have talked about , About my excellent persistence , Or stupid behavior ? I sat down with a polite smile .

He was generous with my appreciation , I'm also happy to facilitate cooperation . It was a good conversation , The more wine you drink, the more expensive it is .

When it comes to the details of cooperation , Alcohol also calms people down . We are smart and willing to give in , It's very principled, but there's room for maneuver .

Sign a good agreement , I don't care about the depth of the glass . People who have run bars and people who are running bars , Of course, we all have friends 、 Lover 、 The starry sky …

When I got him back in the car , He's probably drunk too much ,“ We are the same kind of people ”,“ You just gave yourself a dream , And then I woke up ”.

After a long time, I didn't want to hear president Xu mention , The boss has a son . Three years in love , My career is just getting better , But life is trivial , The girl got married soon after she left him .

“ I want to marry her , Give her a life no worse than others ”,“ We've arranged to wait another two years for a decent wedding ”. The same bar , It's still that position , The lights are on , There's music in color , The boss said .

The dream is dead , And we live .