The world you want to see

2021-05-04 13:29:35  作者:Photography

Knowing Mr. Xu from a business , It's a pleasant cooperation , One come and two go, it becomes a kind of love without saying anything .

I always face the world with good intentions until malice strikes , So he didn't hide many good and bad experiences , So am I . We'd love to make a light one together “ A n experienced person ”, Take moldy or brand new pieces , Take it out to dry .

There was a time when I couldn't get by , So there was a discussion .

“ What do you say people live for ?” I am lying in bed , Cigarette ends can be seen everywhere in the room , A pile of plastic lunch boxes in the corner .

He knows the source of the trouble , Standing and walking a few steps , I didn't say anything .

If you say , For the sake of career stability and material prosperity .

There's no young suffering , Naturally, I won't have this spirit .

Or to say , For love , love , friendship .

But if you experience some of the darkest things in your heart , How to put it down ?

“ Do you have faith ?” He put out his cigarette and motioned me to get up and go to my study ,“ It's what you love and love , And pay for it ”.

“ music , Books , religious , art ?”

“ Tobacco and alcohol , game , Or some behaviors .”

“ I like music , I like reading , religious 、 Art is also interested in ”

“ What's the price of the most expensive earphone you bought , How much time it took to read , I've learned about religion 、 Art ?”

I am silent , He was given another cup of tea , He pursed his mouth .

“ Faith determines the world you're going to see , When you stand in the church listening to the organ playing , You just want to be a Catholic .”