Wild Riverside

2021-05-04 13:18:51  作者:Life journey

In the countryside , Feel the freshness of the river in the morning for the first time .

The sun and the moon pursue , The little trees in the wild have finally grown into trunks , There's no way to age it . Wild grass scattered on both sides of the river , If we look at it carefully , Maybe they are the originators of Xiaohe's life . The temperature difference of the day , Teach this natural river , Energetic , I don't know how many years it has lasted .

Natural beauty painting , It's very skillful , Maybe only immortals can have such skill . Thank you so much for this morning , A picture of the sun , A picture of peace , A piece of heavy make-up , A quiet and detached picture , I have come to the mythical realm of this day's axe .

I saw beautiful scenery , The breath is Jingyue refreshing , What I feel is paradise . Look down at the water with a smell of soil , Like a flattening mirror , It reflects my face that has gone through many vicissitudes .

Cried the frog , Later, Shan Ming , Have fun later , There may be a moment of peace in the world . A sharp head , Big belly , A long tail , Tadpoles sometimes play , Sometimes it's attached to the weeds , Sucking something , Sometimes they catch up , Playing with each other , Looking for Mother Frog .

Between small stone crevices , Occasionally, there are one or two small river shrimp , Funny . Small but never very big little wild fish , Also in the world of water , swimming around , I don't know in this water , Who is the protagonist of the water world .

Cuckoo , Cuckoo , And the birds are singing . It adds infinite interest to the poetic wild river . It seems that he has also transformed into a ghost spirit , Starting from the riverside , Spread your wings and fly , The broadness of the world is not by the river , On the branch , It's a more fascinating , Maybe the sea , Maybe the blue sky , Maybe the boundless grassland territory , Maybe it's a desert without grass .

I am in the world of harmony , Enjoy the beautiful scenery of this morning , Feel the beauty of nature , Enjoy the infinite scenery of poetry and painting . drunk , Intoxicated heart , A clear spring flows , Ice in June .

Forget to go home , Forget where it came from , Forget to tell you where I want to go in the future .

Leave the lonely and light steps of this morning , Leave your secret collection of childlike innocence , Leave the memory of history without any ripples , More to leave their own a small river deposit . Let the wild tree be my backbone , Let the fish, shrimp and frog be my companion , Let this grass be my daily food , Let this morning mist be my ideal , Let the gray clouds be my clothes , Burned me to the ashes of greed , The river in the wild , May the hope that I've built for the rest of my life , With the pulse of the river , Stay forever .

Nature is my home , It's my last line of poetry .

On the day , At this time , It's by the side of the river that I don't want to say goodbye to , There is a throbbing heart wandering .

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