Long live youth

2021-05-04 13:14:21  作者:Photography

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Some people say that as long as people's mental state is good , It will always be youth . I am also a young man , Because I have a good mental state .

Take a walk in the woods today , Hear the song from a distance . assume , Which unrestrained youth is blooming in freedom ? Take a closer look at , It's a 60-70-year-old with glasses “ youth ”. On the stone bench next to the Boulevard , With the teapot 、 camera 、 Mobile phone holder . There's a huge stereo three meters away . He stood 10 In the middle of the road, meters away , Singing like no one else :“ I still love you. , Although you ignore me ……” The words that came out of his mouth , Can feel his voice . For us to sneak past him , He is not seen . He holds the frame with his left hand , Hold the microphone in your right hand , Looking up into the distance , Singing like no one else , As if there were no one else …… In this world , It's like he's the only one . ha-ha , This is a young man of unrequited love ……

Yeah , Everyone can keep their youth as long as they want to !