Talk about men's love and women's love

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The first love , for the first time , Men and women are very provocative topics . Sexual openness is not sexual indulgence . Love is not a reason to have sex , Sex is not a must for love .

generally speaking , Boys are more active with sex , But I don't care about the consequences . Girls are relatively cautious , I'm more concerned about the future .

The reality may not be . Sometimes boys take the initiative , Girls are cautious . Sometimes it's the girl , Even bolder , It's estimated to be five to five . Because hormones don't differentiate between men and women .

About men and women , There is no axiom . If a girl thinks it's time to dedicate her first time to the one who got married , Don't live together before marriage , Don't have sex with anyone , Even if it's your favorite , Only when it comes to the wedding party can we do it . If a girl thinks , The first time should or can be dedicated to the first love or loved one , And I don't care much about the results , Then don't worry too much . As for who to marry , By that time again ,

If the man who talks about marriage has a heavy virginity complex , The big deal is to do a repair quietly , A good deception . Actually , The hymen is just a sign of virginity , It doesn't mean anything else , It has nothing to do with chastity . But traditional ideas and culture make it , Domestic virginity complex is still relatively heavy . The virginity complex is worse .

What needs to be emphasized here is , If there is a relationship, we must do a good job of security protection , Like personal hygiene , Use condoms , Take emergency contraceptives if necessary , Even to have a check-up , Exclude infectious diseases, etc , In short, safety first .

Due to the lack of sex education and marriage concept in China , It leads to ignorance and apprehension about sex , Even at a loss , So that abortion happens from time to time , The price is heavy . It is said that abortion is not allowed in some countries , This aspect is worth learning .

The so-called clean self love , It's not that it doesn't matter , It's about not having sex at will , Don't be promiscuous and indulgent .

When you're in adulthood , You have the right to control your body . If you take sex as a hobby, there's nothing wrong with it , Remember to put safety first , Choose a suitable and safe place to do it , To avoid future trouble . Making love sometimes happens , A matter of course , There's no need to force .

I think it is necessary to distinguish several concepts , Sexual intercourse , Sexual love , Huang Ren's , It's all about sex , But the fire number is different . Sex is all about physiology , Sex is love for sex , Sex comes first , Love comes after . Huang Ren's , It's because of love .

Now some young people , Too open about sex , Too casual , Even to show off and compare , It's out of the normal range , Intervention and correct guidance are needed .

in fact , Sex is human instinct , It's also human nature , At the same time, it's Holy , honorable , Worthy of respect . Making love is an elegant, free and easy, natural and intimate manner between the opposite sex , Don't be dirty, obscene, reckless and rude . Huang Ren's , It's not just to satisfy a moment's sexual desire , It's a pleasure of fish and water , Night moon and flower Dynasty , The Phoenix falls over the Phoenix , said of having sexual intercourse , A cozy , Physical and mental pleasure , Romantic and pleasant !

In this paper, I think , For reference only !

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