Have a cup of coffee and the fragrance of flowers

2021-05-04 11:44:23  作者:Photography

Photo By Zihan

As a rule , After eating the heavy taste meal of sheep blood in powder soup , It's a good choice to have a fruity summer , But just after eating Dongguan's Zhao Ji , Not tourists , Even such a big Chang'an City , I don't know if I don't have a certain rank , It's very refreshing , A sudden rainstorm yesterday , Wash Chang'an city clean and moist , The wind in the street is cool , It's great to have a good time , It's rare to have such a pleasant time , It's rare in a year , How also must do to be able to withstand the tumultuous mood .

The gate of the Sun Temple is a very narrow street , There is a very small coffee shop in the street 《 And stop 》, Naturally, it's the online red shop , A lot of people , It's all young people who punch in , In line with " As long as I'm not embarrassed , It's other people who are embarrassed ” The audacity of , I went in as if there were no one else , I asked the girl to choose a hand according to her mood , It's rare for her to remember the coffee she had with Miss Xu last time , Vanity is instantly satisfied .

I enjoy the atmosphere when I do it , The satisfaction is a feeling , Naturally, it has nothing to do with the taste of coffee , Comforting my big round belly , Look at the novel as if no one else , Like James · Thurber wrote 《 Walter · Mity's Secret Life 》, Imagine like Mi Fu and “ fall asleep ”, More and more people , Close the book and come out , There is a fragrance of flowers inside and outside the city wall ……