[2021.5.3] letter to Dashu

2021-05-04 11:10:44  作者:Photography

hi , Dear tree :

May you have peace of mind at this moment , I miss you .

I feel the difference between these two days .

Once upon a time , I wrote the article , He likes it , Seems to tell me “ I've read your diary ”, Or a few comments . However, from 4 month 27 The day begins ( Now think about , It should be the day after the quarrel ), In the comments section of the circle of friends , There's no sign of a big tree . I know he's busy , Maybe I missed it , Maybe half of them are busy with something else , I also know that my sense of existence is at work again , So deliberately ignore it . Write well early , There is a draft box , Waiting for the right time for him to post , Maybe after dinner , Maybe when he woke up in the morning .

But these days , There was no response from him .

Even he likes my singing on weekdays , I like the story I read to him , Now there seems to be no echo . Including his occasional nickname and love talk to me , Every day it's steady “ Good night, Xinxin ”, And the warm and intimate expression bag , And it evaporated quietly this week .

That's true. , Something must have happened to him .

I want to ask him , But I have to restrain my curiosity . After all, the most he said to me was “ It's none of your business. , Don't worry about it ”. I think , He has been abroad for decades , Maybe my concern , He'll mistake it for privacy . It's a concern that I've always been careful about .

Fortunately , I think I have something in common with big tree , The fact proved that , Sometimes . Like yesterday morning , He seldom sent me a paragraph , Tell me why he's in a bad mood . And I was half an hour later in the morning 2:00 wake , I can't sleep any more . What I feel happy about is , He's so committed , What you promised me is true , He also really trusts me , That's why you tell me something hard to talk about on weekdays .

I know I can't help him , It's also a happy thing to do his tree hole . He confides more , My heart will not be so heavy , It will be better .

How much I used to love myself , And the big tree , He taught me how to love and cherish . I've never been a mother , It doesn't have to be someone's mother , But she has a strong maternal love for the tree , Maybe that's what everyone said “ Maternal love overflows ” Well , But my love , Except for the big tree , No one else . Scroll says , Once upon a time, you always said “ Roll up , I like XX 了 ”, And the next day, the third day, he gritted his teeth and said “ Roll up , I don't like it anymore XX 了 !” After meeting the big tree , It all stopped .

remember , It's true .

therefore , I'm glad the tree is telling me , Also feel the pain of the heart . Looking at his interpretation of my dream , I feel that he is a bit pessimistic . you 're right , Everyone has a difficult lesson to read , And the big tree , Since the intersection of our lives , You have me . You're not alone in life , I will accompany you through this difficult day .

That's true. , I look mediocre , always melancholy and moody , I don't know anything about ancient prose , Numbers are extremely insensitive , More not worthy of your talent and appearance , But I have two points that others can't surpass :

One is to love you , Second, cherish you .

I promise you , I will guard you for the rest of my life . No matter how long , I'll wait , It's like the moon guarding the earth ,45 Never changed in 100 million years .

some people , For decades together , But never into each other's heart ;

some people , Just a few days together , But it seems to live in my heart for a lifetime .

I'm glad , I'm the latter .

Including the day we met , We got along 15 God .

Across the phone screen , We talked incessantly 224 God .

【 At the end 】

This head 《 Daylily 》 yes 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 The episode of .

You know, , I've always avoided films of this kind , Including what you recommended to me when we first met 《 take the crown 》, And years ago 《 A world without Thieves 》, Afraid of knives 、 Fear of blood 、 The fear of death is true , But I'm more afraid of emotion , It can't end .

Today in the circle of friends , I saw a little video from famous Sichuan Opera actor Chen qiaoru , It's a collection of her practice , The background music is only ten seconds , But it's very moving . I found this song with the lyrics 《 Daylily 》.

Daylily , A flower name that few people know . Its moral , It's the mother flower .

Mother is a Hemerocallis flower that can be picked , Take it off and give it to her dearest little girl ;

Mother is a Hemerocallis flower that should have been blooming on a high green hill , But driving on the side of the road waiting for the little girl to go home ;

Mother is a quiet blooming Hemerocallis flower , But you can also add wings to accompany her little girl to fly in the wind .

There is a time when flowers bloom , And it blooms only in our way .

Don't think I'm a bad singer , Because I only heard the original song once , Because I am too anxious to share this song with you, as if my mother's ear soft whisper , I want to calm your heart earlier .

I recorded it twice , I couldn't help choking in the first recording , In front of me is my aunt's smile and worry , I'm sorry I didn't take care of you . Second times , After drinking a lot of water , It seems to be better , But still can't stop sadness .

It's evening in dusse 8 spot , It must not be dark yet , And this is a new day for me 2 spot .

I hope Dashu can listen to my music , Go to sleep safely .

This is what my aunt wants to see .